Best Garena Free Fire Hacking Apps 2020

Garena Free Fire, inspired by PUBG, is a survival shooter game in all rage and stands way ahead of the curve. Free Fire is a fantastic royale battle game for Android Users, was developed by a Singapore based company called Sea Ltd. Though inspired by PUBG Mobile, a game that took the country over a storm, people are seen gradually leaning towards the Free Fire app. Despite both the app sharing the same fundamentals and rules, the Garena Free Fire battle royale app is gaining immense popularity among Indian gamers as it offers smoother gameplay.

The game lands you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, loot weapons and gear, battle it out to the death. Having said that all, Garena Free Fire apps is the first name to dart on mind while thinking of the PUBG Mobile’s replacement. But in the app-saturated world of mobile games, specific highlights like the below made them hit the mark among the Generation Z people.

  • With the only 300 MB in size, the Garena Free Fire app is considered a better option among gamers who have phones with low-end graphics.
  • Power to customize your character with cosmetics.
  • Nifty abilities like faster reload times and quicker health regeneration.
  • Another notable feature is the vehicle’s physics and the natural game-like driving features giving the gamers a more realistic driving experience.

In case you’re an early bird into Free Fire, it might be a little perplexing at first, and it takes a bit of a learning curve in figuring out all the different mechanics.

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Fret Not!

Ever heard of the aphorism, two’s company? I am sure you did. Now imagine an app with features that lets you increase diamonds, coins, and jewels and gives you more power to track all the players’ activities in the game.

Pretty assured, the gamer in you is all excited to hear about these apps.

That’s why I’ve made a list of top 3 Garena Free Fire hack apps with all the tips and tricks you’d need to know as a beginner for a better gaming experience.

Antena View

One of the most popular Fire Free hack apps, with more specific features, is to hack the Garena game. As the name suggests, the app puts an antenna on each of the players’ heads to be identified even at a long distance while playing the game. This unique feature lets you differentiate those who are part of your team and those who are your rivals and lets you stay focused. You don’t have to worry about being kicked out by the game servers, as the app has an anti-ban system. So, you initiate it by activating from the main menu option and then launch the game. With regular updates and corrections, there is no fear of banning.

Let’s find out how Antenna can help us play better

  • Supports the latest version of the Garena Free Fire game.
  • The Antenna view helps in discovering your enemies even at a longer distance.
  • Releases regular updates every month to add new features and improve security

Some basic requirements:

  • Requires you to have downloaded Garena Free Fire first.
  • Activation of Unknown sources
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How does it work?

That long Antenna or line can be seen from a significant distance. So, this hack lets the players discover their enemies and eliminate them. Moreover, lets you differentiate using the colored line for the enemies as well as for the team players.

By clicking on the map, the lines indicate the specific locations of each rival. These kinds of apps are generally developed by independent individuals or groups. Thus, this has nothing to do with the official gaming stage. Moreover, it is an illegal and third-party application that is quite risky to use, and hence you should be more cautious while using this app.

As a bottom line, if you are a Free Fire player, you sure will not miss the app. This is a free cheat code for the Garena Free Fire game.

Why wait then? Just go download the Antenna view hack app for a better gaming experience.

Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max is an updated adaptation of Garena Free Fire, one of the most-downloaded mobile apps. Appreciate an assortment of energizing game modes with Free Fire players through elite Firelink technology. It conveys visuals of a higher caliber in all cases with Ultra HD resolutions and breath-taking effects. Snare, kill, and get by; There is just a single objective: to endure and be the last one alive.

Remain in the sheltered zone and snipe your rivals along the way—all inside 10 minutes. Make crews of up to 4 players and set up communication with your crew directly from the beginning. Lead your companions to triumph and be the last group standing successful at the zenith!

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Some great features of Fire Max:

  • Enhanced Graphics with Ultra HD resolutions
  • 50 players – 10 minutes – 1 survivor
  • Personalized Controls
  • Free License for Android

Give it a try!


Godsteam Free Fire MOD offers a chain of aides making the matches somewhat simpler. Some notable changes influence, for instance, a character’s speed or weapon dealing with, making it simpler to fire and handle them.

These are an aspect of the assistance offered by Godsteam for Free Fire:

  • Target locking
  • Rain of bullets
  • Automatic headshots
  • Night mode
  • Anti-ban blocking
  • Pink body-color

It is definitely worth the download.