A plugin is a software piece which is eligible to perform a group of functions. It can be added to a WordPress website. This will enhance the functionality of the WordPress and it will also add new features to your website. Almost all the WordPress plugins are created using PHP programming languages and are executed seamlessly in WordPress. One can generate the desired kind of plugin by simply logging into wordpress.org. As such, there is no specific feature of the WP plugins. However, whenever the website encounters any problem, the WP plugins are there to the rescue.

5 Best Plugin for WordPress Security includes:

  1. Wordfence – with the rating of 4.9, wordfence is a highly popular security plugin that functions as a true protector. It aims at security scanning, firewall, monitoring, and IP blocking and login security management. The plugin checks the site and keeps it out of any infection. It is capable of executing deep server scan for giving the next level security to your website. You can try out the premium version which includes two-step authentication, scheduled scanning, country blocking and other features.Wordfence
  2. I themes security – the plugin claims to provide more than 30 ways to protect your website against any malicious attacks. It fortifies your credentials by fixing any kind of vulnerabilities .you can get the plugin in paid as well as free version.I themes security
  3. Sucuri security – is available in the WordPress repository and offers various advanced level security features such as Malware scanning blacklisting, monitoring, effective security handling and security activity auditing. It is also capable of managing website firewall. With gregarious features, secure security would truly compliment your existing security parameters.Sucuri security
  4. Bulletproof security – Bulletproof security provides a single click security solution against CRLF, SQL Injection, RFI, XSS all code-based hackings. The easy single click setup and email alerts of the login make sure that you get the best possible security levels. The increasing malicious attacks have given birth to bulletproof security that is capable of encountering the latest vulnerabilities and threats. It is easy to use, free and absolutely safe.Bulletproof security
  5. Cloudflare – Cloudflare includes DDOS and DNS level protection. It improves the over the functionality of the website by encountering the downtime during high traffic. The three-layer security feature of Cloudflare safeguards your business plan to the optimum level. Some of the main features of cloud fair WordPress security include Blacklist removal, malware protection, alerts, security notification and security scans. It must be noted that Cloudflare doesn’t to monitor the file changes taking place on your website. Also, it doesn’t pay attention to the common WordPress security errors.The plugin basically makes it easy for the users to add new and essential features to their website without creating a single coding. Apart from these, there are numerous free plugins available which will enhance the website with its amazing features. You can easily install and uninstall a plugin by accessing it through the website’s administrator.
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