Due to technical developments in the area of sensor technology and robotics, multi-copter systems are increasingly able to perceive their surroundings and respond to them independently. This will make them interesting for new target groups. On the other hand, the autonomous flight will create completely new fields of application. The selfie drones, in particular, are the result of both points. They are interesting for people who had previously little to do with drones and their control, but now want to enjoy the advantages of a drone that follows them for the explicit purpose of taking selfies.

We are passionate fans of selfie drones ourselves. That’s why we decided to make things easier for you and check out five amazing selfie drones that you simply must have. Some selfie drones reviews like this one at Science Punch, single out the DJI Mavic Pro as the leader in this league. We will start our round up with this particular drone, and take a look at four other as well.

DJI Mavic Pro Mini Drone

The DJI Mavic Pro is the innovative product of the leading drones and multi-player manufacturer DJI Innovations. The DJI Mavic is particularly suited to the production of aerial selfies as a particularly practical and safe aircraft. This selfie drone is not only suitable for drone professionals, but for newbies as well. As Science Punch explains, “Despite the relatively high price, the Mavic Pro selfie making drone can be a great start for a beginner in piloting mini drones.” On board: foldable rotors, 27 minutes of flight time and an anti-collision system, which should make sports recordings particularly safe and easy. Purchasing this selfie mini drone for the price of $999 would be a very wise decision. The guys at Science Punch recommend this as well.

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Kimon: From the 360-degree selfies to the standard selfie

The Kimono Drone from KeyShare Technologies has a removable battery, a high-resolution 16 megapixel camera and various photo modes for taking selfies – including 360-degree mode, follow mode, standard selfie, or panoramic selfie mode. Like many other drones for selfies, the Kimono Drone is also supposed to be controlled with regard to photo and video recording by a suitable iOS and Android app. According to its developers, not only the appropriate photo and video modes are selected within the app, but color adjustments, saturation adjustments or white balance adjustments are also possible. In addition, Burst mode, Slow Motion and Timelapse modes, as well as a 4K mode, should be available at 25 fps. This great drone comes at a price of $399.

JJRC H37 Elfie Drone

An alternative to the DJI Mavic Pro could be JJRC with the H37 Elfie drone in the assortment. This cute little drone also has foldable rotors, 6-axis gyroscope as well as a photo and video function. The selfie foldable can be transported comfortably in your pocket, thanks to the dimensions of only 13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 centimeters. The height of the JJRC H37 Elfie drone can be maintained thanks to the altimeter hold function, which puts it in a very positive light when compared to other mini drones. The JJRC H37 does not require the constant countersteering or adjustment of the height – as is necessary with most cheap mini drones. The Elfie drone drifts quickly in strong wind conditions. If you have a little practice in controlling you’ll be able to control the JJRC H37 Elfie quickly and intuitively like any other small drone. Helpful and cool are the integrated LED lights, which are surprisingly bright and support the cool look of the mini drone in any case. The JJRC Elfie is a great selfie-taking drone for all experienced users and especially newbies, the price of which is around $100.

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Dobby – user reviews say it’s awesome!

ZeroTech’s Dobby Pocket is a real eye-catcher. Just an eye-catcher or can this little pocket drone offer even more? We’ve looked at Dobby, and we were surprised at what this selfie foldable drone has to offer. Drones market leader DJI with the Phantom 4 or manufacturer Yuneec with the Typhoon H could surely convince with their models, but none of the named models fit easily into a person’s pocket. The Dobby is easy to control with the Android or iOS Smartphone. Zerotech seems to have succeeded with the small foldable Dobby. Users enjoy this amazing little drone for a price of only $399.

Features of the Dobby:

  • A foldable design;
  • Gesture interaction, facial recognition, automatic sequence, voice control, and somatosensory control function;
  • Pull key, voice activated pull out, fly throw, pat fly;
  • It can be flown inside and floats very stably;
  • 13MP HD camera, 4K picture recording, 1080P video recording;
  • Support real-time recording, continuous photo shooting, time delay images and beauty shoot;
  • Aerial acrobatics, face detection and tracking, target tracking, gesture control.

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is produced by the Chinese market leader DJI Innovations and is best suited for the recording of selfies. Thanks to the integrated camera, smartphone control, gesture control as well as innovative flight and camera modes, this is one of the coolest foldable drones available. It is particularly compact and portable with a focus on aerial photographs and selfies. Selfies can be recorded with the DJI Spark in a particularly comfortable and easy way. The DJI Spark is now located below the DJI Mavic Pro and extends the product range of the market leader DJI by a portable, safe and versatile drone model in the conventional consumer area. It remains to be seen how it will be reviwed by the team at Science Punch. You can buy the DJI Spark at a price of $449.

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Hopefully, now you have enough reasons to get yourself a cool selfie fold able drone that will take your selfie experience to a new level. We say this without a shadow of doubt: fold-able mini drones open a large number of possibilities for all selfie lovers.