A book is the best friend to an individual. 

Well, time’s changed, and so did friends. 

While a book remains to be the best buddy to a person, Smartphones also entered the arena, and it gave a pretty strong competition to the book.

However, both of them now co-exist peacefully (We’re talking about e-book readers).

Buying a Smartphone or a new Mobile phone can be a challenge to many. As phones are getting more and more advanced (and sexier too), you really need some time to determine what kind of device you want. 

Besides, a Smartphone or a traditional cell phone nowadays:

  • Keep track of your e-mails
  • Organises your schedules
  • Takes care of your entertainment
  • Provides data storage and recording backup
  • Works as a supportive tool for content creation and many more things that are quite essential to all of us. 

A Smartphone is a ‘pocket assistant’ of the modern human.

No wonder you’ll wander for some time before you invest in one.  

Come. Let’s know a few things you need to check before buying your dream Smartphone.

Questions You Need to Ask before Sliding a Smartphone in Your Pocket   

Often some tech enthusiasts (or almost anyone) think that a Smartphone or a Cell Phone can give them a hard time while it is to be purchased. The actual truth is that it is not going to be so tricky buying a mobile-only if you know how to be organised in expressing your requirements. 

One more thing! You need to be brutally honest about what you are looking for in a smart phone. You must not compromise with your requirements and learn to interact with your retailer about everything you are looking for (that includes your budget).

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We’re going to have a look on:

  • l Which kind of mobile do you need 
  • l What OS are you looking for
  • l What kind of support will you get from a Smartphone 
  • l The design and ergonomics

These are the core 5 principles (o questions) you need to ask yourself to buy the phone you have been looking for. 

Let’s consider them right now:

Question 1: The Smartphone or the Cell Phone?

The question is not about who is better. 

The question is about what purpose you are looking for in a mobile phone. 

A Smartphone is obviously the first good choice. If you’re looking for a more technology-rich, more hardware-driven, complex yet very useful productivity tool, then you can quickly go for a Smartphone. 

Smartphones come with the latest version of the technology, and they are much more qualified in terms of productivity, multitasking, and durability than cell phones. 

However, cell phones win the game in portability. 

Not just that, most cell phones come with 4G connectivity nowadays, and you can perform primary data related work using them. 

A Smartphone is an option when you are looking for your primary device. A cell phone, o the other hand, can be a great secondary device or a supportive mobile that also comes with good storage facilities. 

Question 2: Which OS Are You Looking for?

Android even dominates the market. There have been some other Operating Systems that give it a good competition. 

This matter was predicted in 2020. 

However, in 2021, Android still keeps dominating the famous global tech giants like Samsung supporting it. 

Although Android comes in the most lucid usability, a little weak virus or malware protection, advanced technologies, and higher versions of the OS can easily tackle these problems. 

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Apple’s iOS is still one of the most popular options. 

And yes, its security from cyber threats and malware is pretty strong.

Which one do you want?

Question 3: What Tech Support Can I Get?

There is the question of brands in this regard. Plus, there remains another question of the type of work you are looking for. 

Often the particular software support in a phone enables a person to freelance and earn money. If you’re in that condition, you can always take a guaranteed loan for the unemployed from direct lenders to buy a Smartphone and start freelancing to earn a livelihood. 

The truth is tech support varies from brand to brand. 

Mainly because of the third-party apps, different brands constitute a different version of their services. 

Besides, there is the existence of stock OS made by the Smartphone brand, which often is contradicted with the free or paid applications made by other developers.  

Some brands also offer free software updates while others don’t.

You have to question yourself what kind of tech support would you like. If in doubt, you can always ask the retailer or a tech expert like a tech reviewer.

Question 4: The Design and Ergonomics 

People want to buy a Smartphone not just to be engaged in it but also to make others involved in its looks. 

You can choose a warm color (like cyan or cherry) if you intend to showcase it. 

But, these things come after you have checked the ergonomics of your phone. 

Find it out if its size is okay for you. Make sure it fits in your pockets just fine. Hold it and check If it is too heavy, if you can take a selfie or photos using it comfortably or if you are able to type messages comfortably. 

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Go ahead and choose the color then.

To Conclude: Don’t Ignore the Budget

If you’re taking a guaranteed loan for unemployed from direct lenders to buy a phone (or even if you’re not taking it), then do put some special attention to what you’re willing to spend for it.

With a moderate budget of £1000 to £1200, you can get a very good and functional model.

If you want more heavy-duty to be done, then consider flagship models that might cost you more.

If gaming is your concern, then go ahead and choose a gaming Smartphone as there are tons out there. 

However, your desire for usual browsing and productivity can be done in a smart phone available at the mentioned price. 

Are you ready to buy your new mobile phone?