UC mini is a competent web browser in the Android Market and is receiving several awards and appreciations for its surprising features that beat other web browsers. One of the biggest issues that most of the people face is device performance and browsing speed even if the device has enough Random Access Memory and Storage Space.  UC mini is an outstanding light-weight platform that utilizes minimum battery life and provisions maximum surfing speed.

In this article, we have highlighted some of the exceptional features of UC mini app:

Enhanced Speed of Browsing

You need not use benchmarking tools in order to find out the speed characteristics of UC mini app, once you launch the application and start using it, you will instantly notice how fast the website’s pages starts to load. Thanks to the developers for excellent caching and preloading system that speeds up the downloading of items. It has a special Data compression facility which makes surfing faster and efficient. You can even pause and resume your download from any moment. Moreover, it has a back option which works without any time lag and just with a single back swipe.

 Pop-Up Blockers

Do you sometimes get frustrated with the advertisements and pop-ups from websites? Well, UC mini browser has a mechanism of preventing the opening up of any or pop-up from any website to ensure the smooth flow of your surfing. User can get statistical information regarding the number of ads that have been blocked in total and the individual website’s blocks. Hence, this pop-up blocker helps us to get rid of every ads that we come across while surfing the internet.

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Cloud Boost Technology

UC mini utilized UC web servers at the back end to ensure the faster loading times for the users. Cloud boost technology saves cookies and other relevant data at the back end so that when the user can get a benefit of speed boost. The best results are seen when you are on a Mobile Data or your Wi-fi has lower speed.

The other benefit is you can store your photos, videos and files on the uc cloud if you are having insufficient space in your device. You can access your files from any device with uc browser in it. You just need to log in with username and right password.

Quick Access

Quick Accessibility is another wonderful and useful feature of uc mini app that helps the user to stay up to date with the recent happenings in the world. It has a correct layout feature which helps the proper interfacing of the website over your small mobile screens. In the home screen you can have access to several services such as sport matches, videos and much more on their respective device.

Night Mode:

Sometimes we feel strain in our eyes while browsing the Internet at night. UC mini provisions a Night Mode which changes the entire look of the browser to make your eyes feel more comfortable.