Dolphin Emulator Apk is an open source Wii and GameCube emulator by Nintendo that was designed for Windows and now can be used for Android also. The Dolphin Emulator allows you to play all the GameCube and Wii games that are not compatible with Android. As Android has very limited games available to it in comparison to that of Windows, Mac and Linux.

But the compatibility issues of games not only exist for Android, there exist certain apps that are a restriction for Mac or Windows. So each device requires emulators. There are many apps available in the market alike Dolphin Emulator. Some of the best replacements to Dolphin Emulator will be covered in the section below.

List Of Top Alternatives To Dolphin Emulator Apk

There are various gaming emulators having different features and offer numerous compatibility options. Some of the popular and efficient emulators are:


This emulator is a platform for the old school classic style computer games. It helps you to play a few out of many of those games available on your PC and mobile phones. You can enjoy those retro games once again.


  • You can have a number of ROMS along with the emulator.
  • It can be easily downloaded on any device and has a simple user interface.
  • You get various ROMS to play the games directly on your PC, tablets or mobile phones.
  • The app is completely free from advertisements.

Pretendo NDS Emulator:

This emulator is basically designed to give you access to various Nintendo emu games. You can play the long list of Nintendo games easily using Pretendo NDS Emulator on smartphones and PC.

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  • It is very easy on your CPU and consumes very low memory space.
  • The best thing about the emulator is its compatibility and versatility. You can download the ROMS for playing games in different formats like .rar or .zip compressed form and normal .ds and .rom too.
  • Pretendo NDS Emulator offers virtual controls that are similar to that of Nintendo DS. You can also use your finger as a stylus in some parts of the screen.
  • It comes with the auto saving option. It means the progress of your gaming is automatically saved and you can restart the game from wherever you stopped playing.

Super N64 Emulator:

This is an amazing emulator to let you play N64 Games on Android devices. Before you plan to run this emulator on your device, check if your SD card contains all your N64 games already on it.


  • All sorts of N64 games with file format .n64, .z64,v64, .zip, .rar are supported by this emulator.
  • You can leave the game or pause the game in mid of any state anytime you can gain the access exactly from where you left, whenever you wish to play again.
  • It can be used on all the Android phones with Android 4.0 and above.
  • If you face any kind of control issues over your touch screen you can customize the settings and increase it to 150%.
  • Any ROM that is not being played, you can gain access to it by simply unzipping the files first. If it doesn’t work out you can switch to a different version of ROM.
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NES Emulator:

It has a long list of Nintendo games and you can play them on your Android phone without any kind of popups or adds. You can enjoy your games to fullest with no disturbances.


  • It is an 8-bit console offering an easy to use interface.
  • It is supported with high processing unit offering you a speed of around 1.79 MHz.
  • High graphics quality.
  • Almost 52 colours available. Out of which you can choose 16, 24 or 25 as per your choice.
  • Best sound quality.

PPSSPP Emulator:

Now, this is something best in the market for the PlayStation lovers. You can now play Sony’s PlayStation games on your Android phones. It is a unique emulator offering highly advantageous features for gaming freaks. It gives you a similar experience like that of a PlayStation on your smartphone. To use this emulator at its optimum you need to own a tablet or high version Android phones. Otherwise, you can use its basic features on any Android device.


  • It is a free and open source emulator that allows you to play in high definition quality.
  • You can use the controller of your choice. Either you can customize the on-screen controls or use the external Bluetooth controller or even a keyboard to improve your gaming experience.
  • It comes with autosave feature.
  • You can even transfer your PSP saves and resume the game exactly where you left.
  • You can personalise the texture and add filters of your choice, giving you a maximized experience for playing PSP games.

Final Words:

Different emulators can allow different games to play on your Android phones. The blog above shortlists the best emulators that make your Android device fit for playing the games of your choice. From retro to latest you can play any game with the help of these emulators. You can be particular about your game taste before downloading the emulator.

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