Suppose you want to buy movie tickets, what normally would you do? Two things, either you would go to the theatre and buy tickets physically, or you would search online and buy your tickets. But how about doing the both but in a slightly different way? Like, without going to the theatre or browsing, you will be doing the same things by typing things out. Confused? Well in simple way, how about instead of browsing a website, you will have a conversation similar to the type of experience you would get when you actually go to a theatre to buy tickets?

Welcome to the planet of Chatbots! Though they are not anything very new but they have become a sudden rage, today. Chatbot or Chatterbot, a chatter robot is a kind of conversational mediator, a computer program planned to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users via auditory or textual methods.

Know the Chatbots

A Chatbot is a facility, powered by set of laws & at times artificial intelligence that you interrelate with by means of a chat interface. The facility could be any number of stuffs, starting from useful to amusing, & it could exist in any main chat products like Facebook Messenger, Text Messages, Telegram, & the likes.

A Chatbot: What do they do?

Chatbots can be described as automated programs to help converse with businesses, & also make procures online. Bots are plain AI systems that you interact with, by way of transcript. Those interactions can be straightforward, like asking a bot to give you a weather report, or more complicated one like having one troubleshoot a crisis with your internet service.

With bots, the possibilities are endless. You can build (businesses) and do (individuals) anything imaginable. Bots are beneficial at performing unfussy tasks, similar to providing the weather forecast or arranging a pizza. Bots make people’s lives easier.

A Future with the Chatbots

Welcome to the bot-centric future. The tech paradigm has been changing. We are gradually but progressively moving towards bots. Foremost tech companies who generally decide tech fads have made it obvious at their relevant yearly tech events that bots are coming! They are set to compel the smartphone customers  to navigate the net in a chit-chat manner with a virtual aide “Assistant” will soon become too impersonal. Siri, Alexa, & others will be placed from impersonal automaton to units that recognize our behaviour, practice, relaxation & interests just like, if not better than, our relatives & closest friends. Moreover, they’re constantly with you and accessible at the tap of a key.

Rather than visiting a site to gather information or downloading one more app, we will call these AI aides to carry out our tasks. Simply say “find me a flight to so and so places on so and so days/time” into your phone and a “bot”, which understands your location and the fact what you mean and will send back some options.

Chatbots will become the predominant way we interact with businesses. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, & Facebook’s Messenger are among prominent examples. With tech businesses’ growing curiosity in artificial intelligence & machine learning, bots are believed to steal the main stage when it comes to consumer communicating with the businesses. A lot of aspects have come together to create this sudden increase of bots viable. One of them is the reality that individuals are just simply bored of downloading applications. Then again, they are easy and cheap to deploy and maintain and there’s no need for end users to establish anything on their phone’s systems. The processing and hosting for the service is on the server side.