CDN service

Nowadays technology is steadily changing and as a result customer expectations are also increasing regarding the website performance as websites are always playing an important role in every sector. As people have no time to just wait for the loading page of any website. Most of the time people are looking for high speed loading website as this always put direct financial impact to the business. So nowadays, demands of lightening speed websites are quite high. Most of the people don’t understand the root cause of the low speed loading of the website so it’s quite important to make a high speed website for your business improvement. Most of the people try to improve the performance of their slow loading websites but they never check or monitor the CDN or Client delivery network which is always a big thing for a website. This is most of the time the key factor for a website high performance. If you don’t know the term CDN then this article is the best thing for you to know all details regarding a CDN, how it works and how it impact the site loading speed. So let’s start without wasting any time.

What is CDN?

It’s quite important to know what CDN is, to perfectly understand the whole function of the CDN. So CDN is a group of servers those which are well placed across the globe and the main purpose of these servers are delivering static content to users quickly. As report says 48.3% of top reputed 10,000 websites are using a CDN for the better performance of their website.

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How does a CDN works?

As previously mentioned there are several servers are located in multiple regions. There are special kind of PoPs are placed close to some popular or you can say populated areas all over the world. If it is a large country then there you will find many different Pops. The whole concept is to direct the fetched user to the closet point of the present. If person request content from a site and the website is under CDN uses then the request direct goes to the closest PoP where a web server sends the required or requested data to the user. It’s true that there are several ways through which a request can be routed for a specific Pop the most common way is the IP analyst.

How CDN can impact site speed?

When you are using a CDN the edge servers distributed static data to the visitor or user which are close to their region. So obviously the connection is quite fast as the internet nodes are close to each other which means fewer hops and faster data flow. So it’s always helps to load your website faster and put a big impact on the loading feature as compare to other non CDN website.

So if you are worried about your website loading speed then just put impact your site loading speed with as it helps you to bring improvise to your website loading speed and you can also do the CDN comparison by spacecdn .