A CSS interview questions and answers can be a quite tricky one.  It comprises of different forms of question and answers which can really make you puzzle at any given time, but in order to avoid such circumstances, you need to be clear in your concept and be precise with your answers.  Answers with example (whenever required) can crack the deal for you.  Thus hereby we provide you a few sample question and answers which can come handy in your preparation.  Let’s start.

How can you write your Style Sheet So that it looks graceful and gets cascade with the user’s personal sheet? 

Answer:  This can be easily done by setting properties in places that are recommended. In the body, element try to put the style rules that apply to the whole document first and only there.  This way the user can very easily modify document-wide style settings.

What do you mean by saying Property?

Answer:  The term Property can be considered as a stylistic parameter/attribute that can be influenced through CSS like that of the font or the width in common.  The corresponding values that are set to each property must always be there when taken into action.

What do you understand by Cascade?

Answer:  Cascade is a way or a method of defining the importance or weight of a particular rule for styling that sort out the conflicting rules whenever they are allowed to the same selector.

Clarify about different fonts’ attributes?

Answer:  Different font attributes are more than one in number and the list is as follows below:

  • Font-weight
  • Font-style
  • Font-size/line-height
  • Font-variant
  • Icon
  • Font-family
  • Caption
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How can you define the term Responsive web design?

Answer: A simple method that involves designing and developing a web page in accordance to the activities undertaken by the user.  It involves conditions that are based on different types of components which involve the size of the screen, web page portability on a different device using different flexible grids and layouts.

Explain the concept of Tweening.

Answer: Tweening can be termed as a process whereby we can create intermediate frames between two images that will enable to get us the appearance of the first image that develops into the second image.  These are uses basically in order to create different types of animations.

What is the difference between CSS and HTML?

Answer: The actual difference between CSS and HTML is very simple and easy.  It can easily be said that we use HTML to write and create content on a different webpage, but whereas the CSS is particularly used to do design for that webpage.  This involves the background designs, images, fonts, and other related aspects also.

Thus concluding…

These are few of the questions provided for the interviewee for helping purpose.  Hope these questions can really count and help them crack the interview process with comfort and ease.