Software Testing from professional involves a variety of proven testing techniques to confirm the functional accuracy of internal corporate systems applications such as accounting, human resces, and inventory, as well as packaged software applications. There are different kinds of tools reportng, which helps you find results quickly.

Web Testing Project Examples includes Static and dynamic Web sites using ASP and JSP, Web-enabled applications including Java, ActiveX, and XML, and a full range of E-commerce and B2B applications.

Professional Software Testing Encompasses

Integration Testing

System Testing

Regression Testing

Defect Tracking

Specific Software Testing Services Include:

Test Planning

A professional consultant or a testing company develops a custom, comprehensive strategy detailing how y application will be tested. You’ll also be provided with a definition of test and data requirements. In addition, you will receive time, budget and rescue management, as well as detailed documentation of expected and actual test results.

Test Execution

Involves executing test cases, reporting defects, verifying fixes, and validating requirements and design documentation.

To conduct and complete y Software Testing services, professional staff work either onsite at y offices, or in one of state-of-the-art testing labs.

Professional Process Improvement maximizes the current software quality assurance processes you have in place and also introduces new and improved methods.

With the goal of building quality into initiatives from the beginning of the application development cycle, we assess and improve software quality processes using a highly consultative approach targeted to y situation.

At professional, we begin with analysis of methods, procedures and standards, and once we’ve assessed the processes that produce an application, we will determine whether they can consistently produce quality results.

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After we have conducted a thorough assessment and analysis of y current software quality methods, we develop a strategy designed to help you meet y product release timelines, shorten testing time, reduce help desk costs, minimize risk of business interruption or loss, and increase efficiency.

The professional Process Improvement Service Includes:

Process Assessment

An overall analysis of the methods, procedures, and standards used to produce an application.

Requirements and Design Analysis

Implementation of processes to ensure consistency, testability, and accuracy of requirements and design documents.

Configuration and Change Management

Enables application modification and improvements to occur in a prioritized and organized way.

Defect Tracking

Implementation of processes and tools to ensure communication and documentation defects.‘


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