This may have happened with a large portion of you, that while attempting to utilize a SD card, you got a mistake that shows you that the card is “Write Protected. A “write protected” USB port or SD Card will keep you from duplicating, erasing, or composing new information to the circle. Write protection permits a drive or SD card to keep its substance from being changed. This adequately keeps you from utilizing the drive as a part of any kind of significant way. There are numerous approaches to incapacitate write protection from flipping a physical switch to digging into your PC’s propelled settings. In any case, if the drive has been ruined, designing it to a clear slate might be your exclusive alternative.

To erase the write protection on a SD card; you may need to physically open the card or arrangement the card utilizing a Windows or Mac PC.

There are heaps of memory cards and USB pen drives which now a days accompanies with a write lock. These locks doesn’t permit client to duplicate or exchange any of the records to the gadget. It additionally brings about counteractive action of records from being erased & formatted.

Some SD cards and USB sticks have write protection lock While once in a while, you’ll likewise find that a SD card or USB streak drive will decline to arrangement and Windows will let you know that it is write protected despite the fact that there is no lock or the lock is set accurately to permit the gadget to be writable. Commonly, in this circumstance you can read the records which are as of now put away on the drive, yet you can’t erase them. All things considered to fix a USB drive or SD card you may initially need to erase the write protection, which is conceivable by tweaking orders in the Windows Registry.

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So it you’re screwed over thanks to a USB drive or SD card that can’t be organized and to which you can’t duplicate any documents, here are a couple of strategies you can attempt to expel compose insurance and eradicate or arrange it, as per your need:

Check Whether Your USB drive or SD card Have a Lock or not


As a rule it has been found that memory cards and usb drives are having locks which keep them from being designed. On the off chance that your memory card is containing any sort of lock, then push the lock on inverse course to open it. On the off chance that your SD card is having any kind of lock, then you will see that there are markings accommodated bolt and open.

Filter USB drive or SD card Using Antivirus or USB Write Protect

For the most part, it has been found that this blunder for the most part happens on account of wicked nature of infections in your PC or memory card. In this way, attempt to check your pc and SD card and ensure that they don’t contain any sort of hurtful records. In the wake of checking your SD card appropriately again attempt to duplicate records to your SD card. On the off chance, the procedure is effective then you can begin duplicating or erasing or designing the SD card. In any case, if not then you need to strive for the following and just alternative left for you to take a stab at: Fixing it with System Registry.

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Fix it with System Registry

The third most ideal approach to illuminate this issue is by altering it through system registry and keeping in mind the end goal to do that you have to get inside the framework registry. Simply take after the underneath steps.

  • Click on Start
  • Run > type” Regedit” > click on Registry Editor
  • Now follow up this Path in Registry Editor
  • Now you’ll able to see write protection option just click on that.
  • And change the value data to “o”.

Now you are all set to use your USB drive or SD card again for either copying or formatting.