As you might guess, there are countless models on the market. Before trying to figure out how to buy a better value watch for a fitness watch, it is better to know how to distinguish the differences between the models provided. So, stay with us and follow our small buying guide for the best fitness watches. Also found some tips for better options.

Different types of fitness watches

As mentioned above, last year’s watches were so fragile that they couldn’t be worn when a sports enthusiast. But soon, fitness watches began to appear. The goal is to be able to wear the watch in all conditions, even underwater. We are talking about a very powerful wristwatch, almost armored, shockproof, dust and water-resistant. Nowadays, this type of fitness watch continues to be very successful, especially because some models are most likely worn in normal time, with their luxurious and discreet appearance.

But the technological development requires, we meet smart fitness watch today, able to give you information about heart rate, the number of steps you have taken during the day, average / maximum speed achieved. , etc. . These types of watches, also known as Activity Tracker, allow you to track in detail your physical activity. Note that some models even warn you in case you have spent too much time without moving!

The best thing would be to clearly identify your needs and choose a type of fitness watch that may be right for you.


Logically, any fitness watch must be very strong, in order to face the harsh conditions encountered in this universe. But at this level, you can still see some differences. For example, one fitness watch can withstand high pressures, especially when diving, while others only resist splashing or swimming in a pool.

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Some models have been designed with different materials. We often find TPU, rubber, plastic, etc. It must be said that each material is different, both in appearance and comfort, without forgetting the resistance. For example, TPU is known for its excellent abrasion and abrasion resistance, which may not be the case with rubber. Also, remember to check this little detail when you are comparing prices.

Features and Design

In general, fitness watches in the same category usually provide the same functionality, but remember to check this point. For example, the activity monitor will provide you with a GPS that you don’t necessarily need to find on all competing models. For connected watches, also remember to check compatibility with your different devices (Android, IOS, Mac, Windows).

On the other hand, because fitness watch is also a personal accessory that will “adorn” your wrist, its appearance will also be an important criterion of choice. Do you like models that look very aggressive and / or a very athletic character, or quite alert and discreet fitness watch that can be worn at any time? Note that some models even adopt the classic interface, which was the first digital watches of the 1980s, without being left on the market.

The above is useful information for you to choose a fitness watch that best suits. Determine your design needs and interests to find one for you