Are you tired of using flashlights that need changing batteries or whose batteries last for 2 hours and stops working in the middle of your job? Meet the most powerful of all the tactical flashlights and brand new LED portable electric light with high-performance features.

G700 – Origin and Background

The G700 tactical flashlight that has been used for military actions in the US army. The brand new high performance lighting tool came into the world of the market in the early period of 2016 and hit the markets big. People are going mad over it and there is a strong reason for that – it is better than all of the other LED flashlights you have seen or used. This one is a military-grade tool, used for the purposes and actions of the military. It is made of a special material used only for the gadgets of NASA and the US army.

Usefulness of having it

Having high-performance features, it can serve you excellent in any unexpected situation. Being on the best electric led lights in the world, there are numerous benefits that this one offers. It is far from heavy, you can carry it in your pocket and it can be handy for both outdoor and indoor use. This Lumitact flashlight has features that are special and those exact features are the reason why it is different than all the other ordinary flashlights available on the market. It can literally save your life; it is useful in emergency as well as self-defense cases. And the most fun part about it is – it can turn night into day, literally.

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The Quality of the Light

Having a new led revolutionary technology integrated in it, the G700 is the most powerful of all. The concept that has been used makes it the brightest of all portable electric tactical lights available on the market today. Due to the new LED concept integrated in this flashlight, it has an obsolete power of producing an astonishing 700 lumens of lighting capacity. This feature makes it 7 times more powerful than all the other ordinary led flashlights available on today’s market.

Life-Saving Features

When it comes to choosing the right flashlight for you this is definitely the one. The body design of the G700 makes it capable of saving your life. First of all, it has sharp tips that are strong enough to neutralize an enemy. Second of all, it has a blinding effect which can help you in disorienting the enemy or attacker. You may not believe it and say this is only a flashlight but this flashlight is a military gadget and is primarily made for combat and is pretty much handy in numerous situations, you can’t even imagine. You can go to theg700flashlight.com and see the helpful reviews from the users.

Longevity and Quality of the Lamp Glass

Having a quality lamp glass is really important for a flashlight when you decide to buy one for your own needs. And it may have much bigger importance than the power of lumens, the bigger the quality – the brighter the light. The g700 has a high-end telescopic lamp glass which gives it a surprisingly high power of reaching 3,000 feet. It also has an ability of producing a light without ever turning off for an incredible 1,200 hours and this type of feature is really helpful in power loss situations which actually can be very frequent in some parts of the US and it can be quite disturbing.

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The Benefits of the Multiple Focus Modes

What is more amazing about this electric lighting gadget is that it has a five different-in-function focus modes where you can easily switch from one to another with just one press – it’s that easy. The best of all is the SOS signal mode, which allows you to blink several times by sending a help signal. This is great in cases when you find yourself in trouble. The other modes are for continuous light and there is another one for producing a strobe light. The last two modes for focus are for medium and the other for full power. Whatever mode you use the battery will always be saving.

Perfect for Adventures

If you are headed to your next great carefully planned trip then you must take the G700 with you, it is a must to have it whether it is for good or worse! Having it with you on trips can help you in every emergency case. For example, if your car lights stop working on while you are travelling you can use your lighting gadget to save the day. And you won’t have to worry whether it will stop working or change the battery since it has a rechargeable batteries that also come together with a car adapter made for car and trip cases.

Online Buying

There is only one thing regarding the Lumitact Tactical Flashlight – some people get really confused when it comes to buying the G700. And that happens usually when they see that there are cheaper versions that are available for buying on eBay ad Amazon. The most important thing to know about those cheaper versions is that they use old LED bulbs. As mentioned above, for this kind of electric light new concept is used, meaning the old LED diodes are replaced with LED chips. And the best part is that you can have this beast now at 75% off the discount price.

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A appreciate for reading the article and I truly hope that you will choose wisely when it comes to choosing the right flashlight for good. Feel free to visit theg700flashlight.com as well as the other two websites and read the customer reviews on both sides. If you are still in dilemma about which flashlight you want to have, then you can buy both versions and test it with your own hands and spirit. That is your best option.