Portugal’s Golden Visa program has various interesting and attractive features which make this program different from others. This visa program is widely popular around the whole world. Do you know the enticing features which make this visa scheme different from others around the whole world? 

Let’s find out why the Portuguese golden visa scheme attracts most people:

1. Peaceful Nation

Portugal is named among those countries which have a peaceful ambiance. In 2020, Portugal secured the third position in the Global Peace Index ranking. 

2. Real Estate Unaffected By Covid-19

The Global residential house prices in Portugal are at 8.3% in Quarter 2, 2020 as compared to the previous year. The price of the property does not fall in Portugal due to COVID-10. But the rest of the world has faced a negative dip due to the pandemic.

Foreigners who want to get residency in the Schengen area find the Portugal Golden Visa program attractive because it provides a golden opportunity to them. With this Visa program, people can immediately get a rental income, a prosperous economy, and high yields.

3. Eligibility For Citizenship

Around the whole world, Portugal is the only country that offers citizenship to the Golden Visa holders after five years. Moreover, the visa holders do not need to live in Portugal for five years to get citizenship.

You just need to spend two weeks every year in Portugal. Other Golden Visa programs such as UK and Greece will ask to spend five years in their countries to get the citizenship of the country.  

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4. No Tax For Cryptocurrencies

Portugal is named among those countries that do not charge taxes for cryptocurrency. The capital gain tax or VAT is not implemented on bitcoin transactions in Portugal.

5. Citizenship For Kids

If you are living in Portuguese and you have a newborn baby, then your kid will get Portuguese citizenship. The non-EU parents who hold residency in Portugal can easily acquire citizenship for their newborn kids.

6. Powerful EU Passport

Portuguese passport is listed among the highly respected and powerful EU passports around the whole world. Portuguese passport holders can travel to more than 180 countries without a visa. This nation has signed a Visa waiver agreement with Canada, the USA, UK, etc.

7. Best Geographic Location

Portugal is situated in the perfect geographical location. This country is very close to Canada, the US, and South America, Africa, etc. This nation also has good airways and railways connections with different parts of the world. It means you can easily connect with other countries while staying in Portugal.

In simple terms, Portugal is a perfect second home for many families. Good connectivity from various nations makes this country closer to your home nation. This country is famous for being surrounded by beaches, sunshine, wine, and football.

8. Sunshine And Warm Climate

Portugal is famous for sunshine and it receives sunshine for more than 300 days. The weather of Portugal is warm and humid the whole year-round. Portuguese residency is perfect for those who do not like the dark and cold winter season.

9. Free Education

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The education system of Portugal is unbeatable around the whole world. The education system for children in Portugal is free of cost until the age of 18. On the other hand, the US, UK, and Canada are known for their expensive education system. In short, you can save money on the education of your kids.

10. Non-Habitual Tax Regime

In 2009, Portugal introduced a Non-Habitual tax regime and the main objective was attracting talent and high net worth people. In addition to this, most foreigners are also exempted from taxation. The residents of Portugal do not need to pay wealth taxes.

11. Expat destination

Expats from the USA, UK, and various other countries want to spend the rest of their life in Portugal and this nation is getting popular as a retirement destination. The most popular destinations in Portugal are the silver coast and Algarve.

When the UK withdraws the contribution from the EU, ex-pats of Britain are qualified for the Golden Visa program because after Brexit they are non-EU people.

12. Chinese and Brazil connection

Even most wealthy Chinese want to shift to Europe so that they can stay away from political conflicts and stay with peace. They want to give good quality to their kids. On the other hand, Brazil is a country where people speak Portuguese.

Recently, Brazil has picked up the pace and accelerated its economic growth. Most Brazilians are looking for European visas through the Golden Visa program. This program provides a good opportunity for those who are looking for EU residency. 

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