Quick Tips To Solve Common Printing Issues In Windows 8Unlike Windows 7, Windows 8 has gone through a lot of changes and one of the most noticeable changes over here is its new interface. This new interface is making a lot of customers feel like as if they are using two operating systems at the same time. In regards to printing; there are actually two ways available; you can use the same method of Windows 7 or you can use the modern printing app as well.

In case you are using the modern printing app in your system with touch screen, you will have to follow the below mentioned points:

  • Note that you will not be able to find the “File” option, nor you can use Ctrl+P to trigger the print option.
  • In order to print a page, open the “Charm.”
  • Swipe within from the right side or use Windows+C to open the Charm menu.
  • Now click on “Devices” and then choose the option “Print” and also select the printer that is connected to the computer

Listed below are some of the problems that Windows 8 users often face with their printers:

  • In order to add new printers from the control panel printer option; click on ‘Add a printer’ option. Now add the printer and you can see it in both Desktop and modern printing app.
  • In case you cannot see your printer under the list of printers, it can happen because you do not have the correct drivers for your printer. Even though Windows 8 has more drivers than Windows 7, some printers might require drivers to be installed. Usually, Windows 8 identify the right drivers and download them on their own. In case it does not, open “Device manager,” and locate and update your printer.
  • In case the printer connected to the PC does not detect or communicate with the PC, take help of the “Find and fix printing problems” in Window 8. In order to do this, type “printing” in the Modern UI and you will get “Find and fix printing problems” option. Now open it and the wizard will lead you through troubleshooting.
  • At times, the printer drivers may decline to install. In order to fix this issue you can use the Windows Compatibility Mode. Right click the setup file when you have the right driver, and select “Properties” and click on “Compatibility”, and set the application and click Apply.
  • In case your printer is offline, you should search Windows for devices and then choose Devices and Printers and on the name of your printer right click, and then select printer properties and click on ports tab. Now, choose Standard TCP/IP Port and then click on new port. After this enter the IP address of the printer, and then click next.
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This should ideally help your printer to work perfectly on Windows 8; but in case the problem doesn’t get resolved, you can at any point of time get in touch with the technicians at lexmark tech support number.