It has always been in our minds to enjoy a cake without any sugar or let’s just say a cake that is healthy and which is not going to raise our weight up by a few pounds. The best part is that you can always send cakes to Delhi.

The best part about a cake is that they are known to just keep us happy, it is said that the cakes are known to boost a person’s mood and will brighten their day up as well. You might wonder that eating a cake will make you gain weight but it is not at all like that, if you eat a cake properly and on time, you are bound to be the same weight as you are. Although, nothing is good if done in excess and we all must remember that.

Besides, if you have kids and we all know how kids are fussy about eating berries and other food that there is so you can always get them a cake and just brighten their day up, in this way they will be getting the necessary nutrition that they need and will be eating fibre rich food as well. Here are a few healthy options that you can go for:


Now, the thing you might be thinking right now is how can a cake taste so good without the flour being in it but this delicacy is just so mouth-watering that it is bound to make your taste buds dance and enjoy the rich flavour of cocoa. You can always go for this cake and just enjoy the delicacy as you have been wishing for, all you have to do is just know about the recipe which you can find easily and just bake it. A slice of the flourless cake is about 150 calories.

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The names seem different right? Well, the cake is different as well and is bound to leave you speechless. Most people have the opinion that healthy cakes don’t taste good but it is not at all like that, healthy cakes are bound to make you smile in the trying times. The speciality of the angel food cake is that this cake has no butter in it and is made from the egg whites so a perfect choice for it and it also provides a really spongy consistency to it. it is said that a slice of this cake is nearly 70 calories so you can always keep cakes in Bangalore as your go-to option if you wish to.


The cake is always an alternative to the options that are there, although it may not be providing you with fewer calories like the other ones as a slice of this cake amounts to 250 calories. You can always make fresh cream for that, and add fresh strawberries on as a bonus, this will just be a healthy alternative to many other options and you are bound to enjoy your cakes. The best part is that this cake also makes a beautiful birthday cake.


Despite the fact that it has 250 calories, this cake is perfect for breakfast and can be prepared without any fuss, all you need is some protein powder, cinnamon, egg whites and bananas and your cake is just ready for you to eat. What you can do with this cake is that just for a little taste you can put some chocolate syrup on it and it really will taste good. Make sure that you are not putting much, just a little will do.

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Never thought this was possible? Well yes, you can have this delicacy and just enjoy the natural sweetness that comes with the prunes with the taste of coffee another go-to choice for the persons you are just bound to have a really sweet after taste and it is absolutely sugar-free, the sweetness that is there is because of the prunes and the cake is creamy as well. All you have to do now is just lift up your sleeves and get your oven ready and bake for yourselves.

You should remember that the calories depending on the size of the slice of your cake and therefore they are meant to change, but you can always enjoy these healthy delicacies t your home and with your family just surprise them with these extraordinary cakes and make sure that you are using everything in the right quantity to go for the right cake.