The blogosphere is a pretty busy and albeit a crowded word, and hence without proper content, it is easy to get lost. So, here are the top 10 tips that will help generate more traffic and engagement to your blog.

Top 10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

  1. Write often and keep your blog updated

User engagement needs newer content. If you want people to follow your blog, then you must provide people with the content. So, write well, and write often. Make sure your English is simple and easily understandable. People want the content, and nobody will want to spend extra effort in finding the meaning of your blog. And finally, keep it updated with newer content.

  1. Avoid click baiting

Remember, people will visit your blog because they love the content that you have to provide. However, if revenue generation takes the front seat, then the audience will be repelled. It is okay to use advertising, but do not unnecessary split documents into multiple pages, or use scripts to refresh the pages to load new ads. If people use ad blocking programs, request them to turn that off. People will visit your site for the blogs, not the ads. You will automatically generate more revenue if people like the content.

  1. Keep the content relevant

Do not post generic articles just for the sake of keeping the blog updated. It is okay for the blog to be inactive once in a while. For people who read blogs regularly, they prefer quality over quantity. So, post content that is relevant to you, and to your target audience. Buy US linkedin connections

  1. Make your blog discoverable
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Share on social media, make search engines find your blog, use links to other blogs. In short, search engine optimization is essential if you want to reach out to a wider audience. This means, you need to link you blog to similar other blogs, which may even be your competitions. Do proper keyword research and use the HTML meta tags to add more details so that the search engines can categorize your page better. Also, manually submit the URL to the search engines so that your blog gets indexed by them.

  1. Interact with your readers

Allow commenting on your blogs. Also, reply to those comments. This will allow you to reach out more to your audience. Just a simple acknowledgement of having seen their comment will make your reader feel that they are heard. But, do not post meaningless one liners for the sake of generating more comments. Remember, quality over quantity.

  1. Use richer content as needed

Use images, embed videos, put in animations, add links to your previous blog posts. All this will engage more readers just by making your article look more ‘cool’. However, overdoing it will have negative consequences like increased load times of pages and reduced relevance. Make sure to have a well-balanced article.

  1. Allow guest blogging

Allow people other than you to write blogs. They will also promote the content that they have written and in turn will promote your blogging site. Plus, allowing other people to blog is an effective way to increase user engagement.

  1. Give catchy but relevant headlines
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Facebook and twitter are now smart enough to deliberately show lesser click-bait headlines. So if you share with a heading like “What happens next will amaze you” or something similar, then Facebook will probably not put that link in a lot of news feeds. This is because even though the title builds up suspense, but does not say clearly what the actual content is. Moreover, Facebook or Twitter may just consider it to be malicious. So, make sure your blog title reflects the actual contentVisit Buy targeted instagram followers

  1. Share wisely

Make a schedule to share on different social media sites and stick to it and share more than once. What you write in that tweet or that post as you share the link is super important. Cite a fact from the blog, quote the author or pose a question. Stimulate the readers’ minds.

  1. Use RSS Feeds

A lot of avid readers still use RSS feeds and the technology itself is widely used in building apps for websites and more. Keeping RSS feeds will not only allow future expansion, but will keep your loyal readers happy.

These are just some of the most relevant ways in which you can generate more traffic to your blog, but it is important to keep in mind that there is no substitute to great content.