When you create a Magento store and expect buyers to show interest in your offerings, you don’t want to interrogate your customers with unnecessary security precautions, complicated forms asking for extremely personal information, etc. You simply want to provide them a pleasant shopping experience on your site to have them as repeat customers. For this, you need to keep the UI of your Magento site clean and simple.

As a matter of fact, E-commerce UI helps you to make your E-store more functional and usable. It helps buyers to use your site easily, buy their desired products without facing any problem and recommend the site to other shoppers as well. If your E-commerce site lacks interactive UI, it is possible that shoppers will leave your site immediately neglecting your first class products/services.

So, the biggest question is what should you do to improve the UI of your Magento store? Well, just cast a look at some key steps that you should take in this regard-

1. Provide Easy Access To All Pages

Most of the entrepreneurs, while getting their E-commerce site created and customized by web developers, emphasize mainly on product pages, shopping cart, pre-built E-commerce templates, etc, to boost their sales. But, they ignore some critical pages such as-

  • Buyer’s Guides,
  • How to do Guides,
  • Product shipping/replacement/return policy and Money back policy,
  • Contact Info,
  • Frequently Asked Questions and
  • Privacy Policy, etc.

Frequent online shoppers are quite dexterous. Before buying your products/services, they have a quick look on these important pages so that they can make smart buying decisions, know how to use the purchased products/services and how to communicate with the E-commerce site owners in case they face any problem. All these are important to stratify the needs of your customers and keep them loyal to your brand.

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Therefore, you should add all these pages to your site and include links to them from the shopping cart, product pages, site footer, etc, based on your specific needs.

2. Hassle-free Shopping Cart

Shopping cart flow is important for the success of your E-commerce site. All online shoppers that land on your site, are not hardcore tech geeks. If your site’s checkout process is complicated, then buyers may abandon their shopping carts without completing their orders or transactions.

Always keep in mind that buyers expect a hassle-free, smooth and secure checkout process while using E-commerce sites. In order to provide an easy shopping experience to buyers on your Magento store, you can optimize its shopping cart with the following UI features-

  • Provide social media login facility to shoppers so that they can easily buy products without signing up,
  • Offer an option to buyers to have a look at their ordered products, add or remove new products to their shopping cart and billing details and
  • A checkout button with automated verification Email.

3. Keep Menus Simple

When visitors land on your site, they click the site menus to find their desired products/services. If your site’s menus are cluttered, they make it difficult for buyers to use the site for shopping. So, they leave your E-commerce site quickly without purchasing any product. This is a direct loss to your E-commerce business. Here, you can do the following:

  • Keep your site’s menu simple and straight forward.
  • Divide all products into different categories or sub-categories. It helps users to choose their desired products easily.
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4. Add A Simple Search Bar

Although visitors can browse the essential pages of your site via navigation, there are many customers who consider this as a total wastage of time. They want simple and smooth search bar on the front page of the site, allowing them to look for the products they need without visiting the different pages of the site.

It is an important feature that is likely to increase the usability of E-store and encourage buyers to complete their transactions easily and quickly. So, add a simple and user-friendly search feature to your site and provide the below-mentioned amenities-

  • Facility to conduct long tail searches,
  • Auto-complete feature,
  • Breadcrumbs,
  • Related products display and
  • Ability to compare a number of products on different parameters such as price, brands, shipping charge, etc.

5. Simplify The Email Subscription Form

Email subscription form allows visitors to subscribe to new updates of websites and helps them to know what’s new on the site. If your subscription form is long and you demand extremely personal information from visitors, then they hesitate to subscribe your newsletters.

So, you must simplify your Email subscription form and make it more user-friendly. It will help visitors to subscribe your newsletters in bulk and buy your products if they are convinced.

6. Highlight CTA Button On Every Page

Call to action buttons available on your site help buyers to take multiple actions such as buying products/services, raising issues related to your E-commerce business, subscribing your newsletters, downloading your E-products, etc.

Therefore, based on your needs, you should add clear CTA buttons to each and every page of your site. You should place your CTA buttons above the fold and make sure that they are clearly visible by the customers when they land on your site or its pages.

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7. Make Your Content Skimmable

Content presentation technique is another important factor that determines whether users will buy your product or not. These days, buyers are not interested in going through boring and plain text content. Therefore, it’s up to you to glamorize your content and make it more appealing for shoppers. You can take the following actions in this context-

  • Use good quality fonts for the content you display on your site. It helps visitors to read the content easily without straining their eyes.
  • Keep the content length at an appropriate level and add the relevant images and videos to it.
  • You can also use GIFs and image sliders to help buyers go through your content easily.

Concluding Remarks

These are some tips using which you can easily improve the UI of your Magento store and see an enormous rush of buyers towards your site. In case, you want to revamp your Magento site and give it a more professional & appealing look, you can get it done easily through an expert Magento development company.