1. Discover Local Listing Pages

Local listing pages are an easy way to recognise your website at the top of the search engines results. Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places and Yahoo Local are to name a few. Once these local listing pages link to your websites, they improve your SEO. Generally, claiming the pages is sufficient. However, you may have to create the pages sometimes.

Never forget to mention your business name, address and contact information when you are listing your website online. This increases more footfalls to your website which consequently fetches great returns in long run.

  1. Speak About Your Community

Start writing as many articles and blogs as possible. Post these writing on any topic no matter what your business is all about. Even if it may not relate directly to your business, but it will connect with your community as your company incorporates within the community. High-quality writing assists in accumulating more onliners  to your website which consequently improves your online sales. No wonder, sophisticated content writers are in high demand by many website designing companies and SEO professionals.

  1. Optimise Your Website with Keywords

Google penalise keyword stuffed content and downgrade the website on ranking as stuffing the keywords is considered a black hat tactic. Avoid using keyword stuffed content on your website, instead only use the best performing keywords. An ideal keyword density is something like 2% of the total words of your website content.

Alongside, long-tail keywords make the content tedious and the readers often tend to exit the website before getting involved in the sale process.

  1. Make Your Website Device Friendly
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As per a recent survey, more than 80% of online shoppers shop through their handy devices like mobile phones and tablets. After the advancement in mobile technology, mobile responsiveness has become the backbone of SEO strategies. Mobile Responsive websites automatically get morphed to fit on the screen of the device used. Apart from this, the website should also be browser compatible. That means, irrespective of the browser, the website should open flawlessly.

  1. Local Publications Also Help

Sharing your company’s updates on products and services with your local publications is always helpful. Publications hunt for interesting stories which they can share with their readers. Relations with local media and publication houses can help you promote your business on a great scale. Higher the number of newspapers, larger the audience you are reaching to.

  1. Ask Your Privileged Customer to Write Testimonials

A happy customer can provide word of mouth advertising and may influence others to buy your goods and services. Moreover, if your website rating is higher, search engines will also rank your website on top of the organic search results. There is no harm in asking your customers to spend a minute in writing positive testimonials which may also motivate your business to continue working efficiently in future as well. 

  1. Time To Go Social

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other Social media platforms help your business to reach masses. These are free social media sites and visited by millions of prospects worldwide.

While creating pages for your business on social media sites, focus on locations you want to cater and create pages for the consumers of that locality. Websites like Facebook, offer you several options to publicise your business only to your desired service area. This prevents from overspending on promotions that are not reaching to your useful prospects and assists in focusing the target audience.

  1. Visual Content Sells
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Internet crawlers usually do not much involve in the content that lacks in images and videos. Visual content supports heavily in your SEO strategies and improves the user experience at the same time. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can easily detect when a customer is non-interested in your content. As per the statistics mentioned on seomachanic.com by Charlie Rose, 40% of website crawlers respond better to Visual Content than any plain text and spend 100% more time on pages that have videos on them. So, all you need is Visual content to promote your business and increase your sales revenue through your company website.