Outlook is one of the most renowned and acclaimed email service providers, has enhanced features and enriching updates. With its outstanding approach, it has won user’s trust. However, the users of Outlook frequently face technical snags and put-up questions like why my Outlook is not opening or ways to resolve Outlook Search not working on Windows 10. Now, if you read this blog, you will be able to find out the ways to troubleshoot Outlook not opening. Check out the blog to know more about it. Have a look to know more about it.

Common Reasons behind Outlook not opening.

There are several reasons behind the occurrence of this issue; a few of them are given below:

  • Issues associated with damaged files
  • Problematic add-ins
  • Maybe the profile is corrupt, causing trouble
  • Issues associated with navigation pane issues

Easy and Quick ways to resolve Outlook not opening in Windows

To resolve this issue, you are expected to follow few important instructions that are given below. Have a look!

First of all, you must open Outlook in safe mode.

Now, you should disable the add-ins

  • Firstly, you must select the file, then options, and then Add-ins
  • Next, you should move to the manage section and then choose to go
  • Now, you are supposed to clear the check boxed which is next to the add-ins which you want to disable
  • Now, you should select the OK button

You must Repair Outlook

  • First of all, you must close all office applications
  • Then, Go to start > Control Panel
  • Now, choose category view
  • Next, move to the programs section, and then uninstall a program
  • Then, you are supposed to the right click on Microsoft Office and then choose change
  • Now, you should select Online Repair or Repair
  • You must select yes if a user account control prompt appears
  • Then, you should restart Outlook just after completion
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You should Repair your Outlook Profile

  • Firstly, you must select the file and then Account settings
  • Next, go to the email tab
  • You must choose repair to open the Repair Wizard
  • Now, follow the prompts in order to complete the process
  • And then, you should restart Outlook

You must repair Outlook Data Files

  • First of all, you should exit Outlook
  • Now, download and open the Inbox Repair Tool from Microsoft
  • Next, you should select browse and then navigate to your personal folders (.pst) file
  • Then, you are expected to select start
  • Now, you are expected to choose a repair
  • When repairing is complete, you must click on the restart outlook button

You should Reset the Navigation Pane

  • Firstly, you should exit Outlook
  • Now, go to the start and then click on Run or Press Windows Key + R
  • Next, you must type or paste outlook.exe /resetnavpane and then select OK
  • Now, open Outlook, and the navigation pane will reset

The users of Outlook frequently face technical snags related to Outlook, such as Outlook Search not working on Windows 10 or not opening. Now, by reading this blog, you will be able to find answers to all your questions instantly. Check out to know more.