Since the technology has made its way to the next level the usage of digital devices is on the rise. Today, we all know what we have plenty of different kinds of gadgets, cell phones, tablets, and laptop desktop computer devices and its connection with the cyberspace has made it more interesting and time-consuming.

Therefore, the younger generation these days are more reluctant to spend time on digital mobile phones, tablets, and computer devices rather than in playgrounds. So, parents over the years are very concerned due to the un-healthy activities of the children and teens.

Furthermore, the dangers of the cyber world do not remain hidden anymore. Parents worldwide these days are fully aware of the fact that digital cell phones, gadgets, PCs and others devices like that are the biggest reason of child sexual grooming online, harboring sexual fantasies on devices, stalking, online bullying, online dating and plenty of others alike such as social media. That’s why parents are desperate to protect kids and teenagers from the dangers of digital devices.

Protect teenagers from digital devices dangers using cell phone & PC spy app


If you want to protect your kids and teens against the dangers associated with the contemporary mobile phones and PCs then you need to get your hands on the best computer & cell phone surveillance software. Therefore, you need to go to the web and you have to visit the webpage of the OgyMogy phone and PC tracking software. Now you should have a subscription online and in the response of it, you will get a password and login ID.

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Take a further step ahead and get physical access on the target device and instantly start the installation method. Moreover, you need to complete the process successfully then you will be able to complete the process of activation.

Now it is the appropriate time to use the credentials and get access to the online control panel of the surveillance software for digital devices like computers and phones. It will make possible for you to have state of the art tools that empower you to monitor your kids from the dangers of digital devices. Let’s discuss all the tools for mobile phones and computer tracking apps individually to protect children from the dangers of the digital device.

Use phone surveillance software tools to protect kids

Live screen recording

You can remotely get access to the target device and further you can do a live screen recording of all the activities teens perform on their devices. You can make shots videos of the screen in real-time using live screen recorder software.

Browsing activities

You can see the browsing activities on kid’s tablets, mobile phones, and other gadgets. You can see the visited websites and bookmarks on target device installed browsers.

IM’s social media

End-user can monitor all the social messaging apps and installed instant messenger on target devices and get the logs in terms of chats, messages, audio, and video calls and Voice messages logs with a time stamp.

Text messages monitoring

You can read text messages sent/received on the target mobile device with a time stamp.

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Parents can remotely block the inappropriate or x- rated websites using URLs and keywords of a website into the filters.

Remote controller for cellphone

You can remotely control kids’ and teens’ devices and block text messages, block incoming calls and even you can block the access of the internet.

Computer tracking app features for windows to protect kids

Websites blocking

Users can remotely block all the websites that you want to let your teens and kids visit. You can simply put the URLs of the websites into filters.

Surround recorder

You can remotely control windows laptop device MIC using surround recording app for windows and you can record and listen to the surround conversations and voices,

Windows browsing history

Parents can remotely get access to the targeted devices visited websites with complete time stamp and bookmarks.

MAC spying software features to protect kid’s from


You can control MAC laptop mic remotely to record the conversations in surrounds and voices.

Camera Bug

You can control the target MAC laptop front camera to capture photos to know who is up to the device.


You can get your hands on the keystrokes applied on the target MAC laptop and desktop device in terms of messenger keystrokes, SMS, emails, and password keystrokes.


Parents can protect kids and teenagers from the dangers of digital devices using a cell phone and PC spy software.