Here Some Factors to Pick Dedicated Server  in Modern Business

A dedicated server is a server that is particularly used to provide support to a client. It is generally used to help a client to secure their server, to manage the resources, and many more as a result, the popularity for the server is growing rapidly.

While choosing a dedicated server, you need to set it up in a proper way, otherwise, you will not be able to utilize the plan for the dedicated server.

If you are a new user of the dedicated server and you are not aware of the setting up process for it, you can follow this article, it contains a full-fledged step by step guide to set up the dedicated server.

Before going to that part, let’s see what is the usage of the Dedicated Server or what makes it popular among the users.

When You Need A Dedicated server?

  • If you don’t want to share any resources related to your business you can use a dedicated server.
  • In case you are willing to run a website and you want to generate huge traffic.
  • If you want to provide extra security to your device.
  • In case you own a large company and store more than one important information about your employees then you can definitely opt. for the dedicated server.
  • If you are a gamer and don’t want your client to get worried about the speed of your game.

Step by Step procedure to setup Dedicated server

Here are some important steps that you can utilize to manage your dedicated server. they are mentioned below.

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Step 1: Log in to the Server Account

While trying to set up a dedicated server, first of all, you need to login to the user account of yours.

A dedicated server, you will get your user id and password to navigate to your user account.

By navigating to the official website of the server, you need to login to your account.

A dedicated server contains a server that you can use to connect you with the service provider. The simple interface will help you to administrate the dedicated server you are using.

Step 2: Setup networking

In the next step, you need to set up networking as the first step towards the setup process for the dedicated server.

It will work as the setup page. Also, here you have to provide the email address in the required field and from that page, you can also be able to see a new field named Hostname field.

Here, you will be able to see the automated domain name, you can change the name of the domain by keeping the validity of the domain name.

You cannot generate a hostname that contains an invalid domain name. You can choose your hostname according to your choice and it will be up to 253 characters.

Also, you cannot give space between the hostname.

Step 3: Setup IP address

By setting up the IP address, you will be able to set up your dedicated server. In case you want to add site names with your name servers or the dedicated IP address that you are using, you need to bind the IP address in the server which you are using.

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By clicking on the IP address button, you will be able to bind the IP address into the server. After that, you need to enter the IP address and the subnet mask in the desired field to set up the IP address.

When the setting up process for the IP address will be completed, the next step you can complete is to configure the name server.

Step 4: Configure the Name server

In order to configure the name server, you will be able to complete the next step towards the setup of your own dedicated server. The name servers are some important steps that help to keep the record of the domain name as well as the IP address.

It will allow visitors in order to locate the specific domain in the dedicated server.

In default, you can opt for the BIND option from the list as it will provide more advantages to your website.

In case, you don’t want to set your server as a name server you can click on the disabled option.  Now, scroll down the domain name and name servers that you want to use.

Now, you need to click on the A boxes where the IP addresses were assigned previously.

Step 5: Set up the services and choosing quota

Now, you need to set up the services which you want to get from your dedicated server or not, it will help you to decide the needs of your server and will help you to control your plan.

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Setting up the services and choosing the quota is the last step to configure your dedicated server.

In the list, you need to set up the quota that you want to get from the dedicated server. It will improve the speed of your server.

These are some useful steps that you can perform to set up your dedicated server. Setting up a dedicated server is quite an easy process if you are aware of the steps of it.

Sum It Up

The article has described a step by step guide that helps to know about the setting up process for the dedicated server.

In case you are a new user of a Dedicated Server, it will help to set up the server in a proper manner so that you are able to utilize the server plan.

It does not matter, whether you are choosing it for your business or you are using it to manage your online business or to store your important data, you will be able to get all the benefit from its side.

Follow the steps that are listed in the article, don’t jump any step to get the best results from your server. Hopefully, the steps remain effective for you and you receive all the answers related to the dedicated server.