If you want to serve your clients better, with efficient, fast, and accurate service to your customers then you need to connect with other external systems that integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution. These systems include web store, ERP trading partners and CRM systems. Take a look at what you can do with Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV integration:

  1. Merge with external applications and trading partners:

With the help of Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration partners, an ERP solution can be merged with leading Ecommerce platforms and market places.

  1. Implement a free-flowing system:

As the Microsoft Dynamic NAV demo would tell you, the system can be integrated with business intelligence applications such as power BI, etc. which enables the free-flow of business processes like managing sales orders, inventory levels, shipping updates, transactions, etc.

  1. Reduce the cost of owning Dynamics NAV:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV demo would also tell you that getting a seamless, cloud-based, integrated solution, you can spare the fortunes you had to pay for establishing infrastructures and gathering resources.

What are the connections and their functions?

The following are the touch points of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  1. Ecommerce: In terms of inbound touch-points. Ecommerce, when integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, takes care of orders. Whereas, the outbound touch points take care of product and shipment updates, and inventory.
  2. EDI: When your Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration partners connect your ERP system to EDI, it takes care of Purchase Order requests, product activity data, purchase orders etc. across inbound touch points, and invoices, purchase order acknowledgments, advance ship notices etc., across outbound touch points.
  3. CRM: As you will find out from Microsoft Dynamics NAV demo, the inbound touch points of CRM, merged with Microsoft Dynamics are orders, customers or opportunities. The outbound touch points of the system are invoices, opportunities, accounts and contacts, product updates etc.
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What are the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration?

With the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can:

  • Avoid any kind of data report that may arise from manual data-entry.
  • Increase the efficiency of customer service by increasing the speed of data exchange.
  • Reduce the time taken by Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration partners to deploy the system by using turn-key integration solutions.
  • Upgrade your ERP solution to perform better and deliver better.
  • Make more room and time for your business operations and devote resource to them.

Thus, you can imagine the revolution that it would create for your system if you integrate your ERP solution with relevant applications. You can focus on the key areas of your business where your business solution takes care of the processes that need to be conducted regularly.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP solution. It can be merged with external applications that boost business operations. This article shows how the integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV can benefit the users. The aim of the article is to enlighten the clients or potential future clients about the utility, they can avail.