Process for Activating McAfee on a new Laptop

Right from our childhood we always hear this one quote, “Prevention is better than cure”. Every Antivirus Company sells the same idea to their customer, and it’s a genuine approach because of the Atmosphere on the Internet today. Every Company needs your data to grow their Business, Hackers need your data to Blackmail you, scammers need your data to steal your money. Antivirus itself may not be enough to protect you but is efficient enough and updating almost every day, to prevent such mishaps.

If you are searching for the process of the activation of McAfee Antivirus on your Laptop, I believe you understand the need for the antivirus. McAfee Antivirus has been Top player in the Antivirus Market, so much so that it is already installed in many laptops. If yours doesn’t come under this category. Don’t Worry. Just buy the Antivirus. And then follow the steps. “We are here to guide you”.

So, here is everything you need to know divided into various rounds so that you can easily complete each process and finally Activate McAfee.

  • ROUND 1

Here, simply go to your browser and type the following: Enter the code there, and press ‘Submit’.

Where will I find the Code?

If you have purchased the software, online, it will be available on the receipt sent by an Email by the Institution, from where you chose to purchase. If you purchased a retail card, just turn is. Yes, it’s there on the back. Enter it and press ‘Submit.

  • ROUND 2

Here you will create a McAfee Account. First, enter your E-mail Address within the space provided. Remember that you should enter an address you are currently using and know the password. Now, McAfee will then help you in setting an account. All you have to do now is create a one-of-a-kind password and remember it. Use all your creativity while doing so. I also suggest you to read the policy there before clicking the ‘I Agree’ Button.

  • ROUND 3

Round 3 will begin once you have clicked ‘I Agree’. Another page will open up and there, click on the ‘Install on this PC’ button. A license agreement will appear. Here also I will suggest you to Read it before clicking ‘I Agree.

  • ROUND 4

Once you have clicked on ‘I Agree’ Round 4 will begin. Here on the screen, you will see a red download button. Just click on it and click ‘save’ after choosing the location. Wait patiently for it to download. Once it is done. Go to the downloads section in your File Manager. Right-click on the first option i.e., of McAfee. Choose ‘Run as Administrator’. Finally, allow the Windows to make changes by selecting ‘Yes’.

  • ROUND 5

This is the Final Round. Press the ‘Install’ button and McAfee will automatically complete all the processes. Once it is completed, just click that ‘Done’ button.

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And there we are. I hope you will Complete these rounds easily and successfully. It will scan your computer every day, to detect if any hazardous thing has entered into your computer. Now all you have to do is keep updating it every time the package gets over. And congratulations, you have successfully safeguarded your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How to Activate McAfee in a Mac Device?

Ans- The Activation process is the same as mentioned above. If you have done it once, don’t repeat it. While downloading, you will have to log in to your account for the official website. Select ‘Download’. Then, select the applications that you want to download by opening the drop-down boxes. Finally, press on the download button. Copy the code and again press, ‘Download’. Install the application by opening the file from downloads. Follow the instructions given there.

Q2- How to add McAfee on your mobile?

Ans- Go to the Official Website and Log-in into your account. Select ‘Downloads’. Select the Device in which you want to install. It will send a link to you. For this, you will have to provide the details. Once you receive the link, open it and select ‘Get’/’Install’.

Q3- How to Open/Close Auto-Renewal?

Ans- Open the official website and log in to your accounts. Again, select ‘My Accounts’. There you will find the option for Auto-Renewal. Select in blue color ‘ON’, to disable it and finally select ‘Turn-off’. If it’s Deactivated, go there and select the gray color ‘OFF’. It will be enabled. Change the settings according to your wants.

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Q4- What to do, if I am facing any other errors in this process?

Ans- If you aren’t able to complete the process, then you can contact us. Our highly efficient team will help you in solving the problem.