Huion has become one of the popular drivers in the tech market producing & manufacturing high-performance graphic pen tablet. It has inspired many creative minds to live their dreams without spending much. Everyone can access these tablets in India from any shopping/ selling platform online & offline.

The main purpose is to purchase and install designing software to draw and illustrate your imaginations. Huion has taken care of each and everyone so they have launched the tablets in large screen size and compact size with all the latest technology and features.

Top Best Stylish, Compact Huion Graphic pen tablet India

Here in this blog, we are going to share 3 pocket-friendly tablets worth your budget and creative work. You can easily do your graphic designing projects work. These are the exquisite, Cool & cute devices that you can port anywhere with you all the time.

  • Huion RTS 300
  • Huion RTP 700
  • Huion RTM 500

Huion RTS 300

The design & appearance is so fresh, stylish & aligned with tech fashion. Right now, it is available in Cosmo Black & Blossom Pink which is too attractive. You can efficiently complete your designing tasks in this comfortable working area with the functional expression keys.

You’re getting a modern technology evolved battery-free EMR PW400 stylus that gives the feel of a pen. The stylus is designed with a durable pen nib, programmable button, and comfortable anti-slip silicone grip. Nowadays most smartphone brands are launching non-removable battery smartphones so the stylus follows the same thing. 

The stylus supports the ∓60 tilt, and pressure sensitivity level of 8,192. The report rate has improved and become responsive so the strokes are rendered smoothly. It works well to illustrate, draw, and OSU.

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You can connect this 6.3X3.9 screen-size Huion RTS 300, with your PC, laptop, as well as a smartphone but the android version, should go up to 6.0 otherwise it won’t work. A phone that has type-C support will be compatible with the tablet. iOS is not compatible with the Huion RTS 300 but the support is given to Mac OS.

Huion RTM 500

If you are looking for a medium-size pocket-friendly, lightweight tablet then you can pick Huion RTM 500. It offers excellent performance, thickness is 8.4mm, weight is 415gm. Solar Orange & Cosmo Block are the colors available for this tablet. The drawing panel is covered with a printed dot grid, enabling a natural drawing experience with an active area of 11X6.8 inches.

The PW400 stylus is of 10mm height, lightweight, batteryless, easy-to-grip, 0.3mm accuracy rate, allows you to illustrate and draw realistic, authentic, shaded digital design. The lines and strokes allow you to draw any type of brush that moves thick or thin with saturation. It senses your hand movements speed and responds as well.  Full Accuracy no mistake, fast and clean. It shows your professionalism. You can do productive designing projects.

The tablet is designed with 4-expression keys, touch strip that improves workflow and productivity. You can adjust these 4 expression keys to access keyboards’ actions, apps, and software. Everything is just possible with the tap. You can connect Mac, Android, Windows Device. Install any designing software like Adobe Illustration, Photoshop, CLIP Studio, GIMP, Huion Sketch, SAI, Painter, etc. The tablet has V15 driver support that supports the functionality of the tablet and tasks whether you are left-handed or right-handed will be convenient, comfortable for you.

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Huion RTP 700

Huion RTP 700 is known as a Pro level Tablet that looks fancy & attractive. Huion RTP 700 is available in Twilight Blue & Cosmo Black color. The weight is a little bit more than Huion RTM 500 as Huion RTP 700 is 637g. Take a professional move with Huion RTP 700, it has a paper texture designed surface, stylus with 8192 pressure sensitivity level.

The report rate has improved to 300 PPS with thick and thin strokes. It captures every move and designs realistic designs. The 3 main attractions of the stylus PW400 are the programmable button, durable pen nib, and anti-slip silicone grip.

The tablet has 6 expression keys that can be adjusted or customized with your functional needs to complete the tasks with more productivity. A touch strip is also available on the left side of the tablet panel. All the drawing & designing software and apps are compatible with the tablet so simply download and install. 

We have tried to compare the specifications of the 3 budget-friendly tablets. But there are many other features we have not mentioned like screen switching, brush switching, multimedia, key combination, etc.

 You can search these tablet model specifications on the Huion site or visit online E-commerce platforms, or any other as here you have the chance to grab discounts and affordable deals.

All these tablets give you the freedom to illustrate artistic imagination using digital software, tools, and device. So shop one for you!