The steel manufacturing sector is an important sector that contributes significantly to the country’s economy with various divisions like railways, shipping, goods, automobiles and many more. To manage the workload of such a vast industry and its production as well as to generate remarkable profit, the steel manufacturing companies need to integrate Enterprise Resource Planning solution software into their company.

It will reduce the workload and ensure sustainable and optimized operations. An ERP for steel wire industry serves as the backbone of the industry. It includes numerous process controls and automation for monitoring various operations- from sending raw materials to receiving final products. Let us see what are the best ERP software that can be utilized for the steel manufacturing industry.

eresource Xcel ERP

The Xcel ERP software solution of eresource is the best for matching the industry requirements and streamlining the working procedures. It deploys a web-enabled Xcel enterprise resource solution for the company’s business process that allows employees to work from any corner of the globe.

After proper research on industry functionalities and administrative and business workings, the eresource ERP solution has emerged as the best ERP software for the steel wire industries. It is a reliable and quality ERP software that can help you automate the steel manufacturing working procedures and deliver the best quality material, the ultimate concern for all the steel companies.

Spectrum ERP

Spectrum enterprise resource planning solution is another beast when it comes to the business module of the steel companies. It offers distribution and sales, finance and accounting, material management, planning and production and many more services. It is equipped with e-procurement software that enables transparent and effective procurement of raw materials and capital items.

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Logistics operation for the steel industry is also an essential factor in delivering and receiving the finished products and the raw materials. Collaborating with the spectrum ERP software would simplify logistics-related procedures like freight orders, bulk transportation, freight invoicing, etc.

Lighthouse ERP software

Lighthouse enterprise resource planning software can be considered a quality ERP for steel manufacturing industry. The lighthouse ERP solution for the steel manufacturing industry is designed and created to handle the industry’s working in the most accurate method. It offers a comprehensive financial module for controlling sales and ledgers and the purchase of products on a real-time basis.

Lighthouse ERP solution is also effective for supply chain management of steel manufacturing companies. From receiving raw materials at the stores, sales and purchase returns and Inter-Yard transfers, the lighthouse enterprise resource planning solution is an effective software for the steel companies.

Absolute ERP software

The absolute ERP system solution for the steel industry is designed to simplify the business workings. It offers a list of comprehensive solutions like stock management, availability of the raw materials, and quality check of the products. If you are yet to integrate with an effective ERP for manufacturing industry, absolute ERP might be an optimum choice.

The system is designed to eliminate all your manual labour, increased production costs and others. Absolute enterprise resource solution will help you access real-time reports like dispatch reports, purchase order and inventory reports, workforce utilization, and productivity reports from any place at your will. With this software, the steel companies can make future strategies and reduce the risk of creating flaws within their working module.

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The above mentioned are some practical and comprehensive enterprise resource planning software for the steel manufacturing industry. If you are looking to collaborate with an ERP software solution very soon for automating and streamlining the business workings, you can choose from one among the above.

All the software mentioned above can ease your working procedures, manage the workloads, helps you access different departments from any place and other unique functionalities. Before choosing a quality ERP software, look for the specialties that these solutions can offer.  The Xcel web based ERP software solution of eresource is one of the best ERP software that can help you satisfy your requirements.