Whenever it comes to download a favorite Android game, without a second thought, we open up Google Play Store. But there is a great need for a second platform to download Android games because it is too mainstream to pay huge bucks for downloading the premium versions of the games. 9Apps is a better version of Play Store and offers you a platform to download your favorite games and their premium versions as well, just absolutely free. 9Apps is a leading marketplace for Android platform, and you must be amazed to know that since its release it is being used in more than 100 countries.

Have a look on some of the features that make 9Apps Games accessible in the Android Market:


One of the biggest reason that people are relying on 9Apps is its accessibility i.e. its ease of use. All the game applications are sorted by their categories. You can download an Android app and play until it becomes monotonous to you. When you get bored of playing one game, you can download another one of the same or different categories according to your interest anytime and anywhere because 9Apps will always be there in your mobile to let you download quickly.

Apps are Free or Relatively Cheap than other Platforms

Don’t you get tired of paying large bucks for the premium version of Games on Play Store? Why spend extra money when there is a better alternative for it? Download 9Apps platform on your Android mobile and enjoy the benefit of downloading your favorite games completely free or relatively at a lower price than other platforms.  You can even download paid apps completely free from this platform. Some free games could show up advertisements but don’t worry they won’t halt your gaming experience.

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Ease of Playing

With the advancement of technologies, you don’t need PS4 or hi-tech games to play dominant strategies games. Instead, you can download these games from 9Apps platform and play on your Android handset. The games are affordable and would suffice your budget. You can have an amazing gaming experience to cherish for.

Amateur Players can Download and Play

Well, for kids, there is a special section of kids in which the games for children below seven years of age is recommended. 9Apps is very easy to use, and amateur players can easily download a game of their interest and play with confidence. You can have a look at trending section in which the most popular but latest games would be listed for you to download and play.

Download best Games for enhanced Gaming Experience

If you are a gaming freak, then you must have an easy access portal from which you can download new games without difficulty. No doubt Google Play Store enlists best games, but 9Apps would provide you an amazing free offer to download and play. Hence you can have a high-quality gaming experience if you have 9Apps in your Android device.