ways to improve iOS mobile app user EngagementThere are so many companies which exist in a mobile-only or a mobile-first format. For developers, it is imperative to follow the best practices and stay up to date with the latest and hottest trends in the app usage. The iOS app store is a big store, it contains millions of applications and several thousand more are added to its list every day. Here are the ways by which you can improve your iOS mobile app engagement for the users.

Enable push notification

One of the most crucial ways to increase app engagement is through push notifications, but this is one of the best ways by which you can grab the attention of the user and ask them to return to the mobile app after a set period. However, you need to make sure that the push notifications are expressive and tactically spaced. When used correctly with your app, you can achieve high retention rate. Just be careful to send right messages to the right customer at the right time. Otherwise, you will irritate your customers and can lose them forever. You can track the user’s app engagement for a few days after the initial installation of the app, after that you can send user notification on the set time of usage.

In-APP feedback

An engaged user will know that he/she can easily give feedback. Giving smooth access to the ‘contact us’ button or FAQs that, will ensure that users provide eminent feedback. Social proof is a very important factor to make people download your app and love it. Give people an area to write what they think, including feedbacks, suggestions ad complaints. With an in-app feedback, you can hear the problems that prevent you from higher retention rates and higher ranking in the app store.

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 User first try the app before buying it

When the user first time visits your app, it is important to make it simple and friendly for him/her. If you make it necessary to complete the registration process first for the users, you might not see them back on your app again. Let them browse the app first before they buy it. After a detailed browsing if they want to perform any action, then only the app can ask them to make an account with details which are required.


People love things which give them a goal. There are a couple of ways by which you can adapt gamification for your app. Competition is one of the border ways to reach your audience and make them use your app all the time. To empower your app, use gamification strategy. When you incorporate digital game design elements and techniques, this helps to take the user engagement to the next level. Give them many reasons to return back to your app such as interactive programs, competitions, rewards, incentives and so on. Starbucks can be a good example of gamification app. in the Starbucks app, after receiving 30 stars, by purchasing 30 coffees you get Gold status on your Starbucks card. After attaining the Gold status, you can then take a prize for every 12 steps. It permits people both using the app and ordering the coffee to score points and be rewarded.

Social media sharing

As social media use continues to dominate your user’s time year after year. Social media platforms are the best channel to communicate with your users directly. This tool can be used to encourage user sharing by logging in to various accounts. If you can catch the audience with the right social media strategy it will make your user more loyal to your app. Do not forget to talk to them, respond their queries and engage when they share things with you. Personalize your app in social media, and publish what your users want to see. When done correctly, however social shareability can bring new users to your business.

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User involvement

If you avoid responding to the queries of your users this could be the worst thing you do with them. On all the communication platforms, from social media to email, the most important thing is replying to any issue that your user reports. These issues can be both positive as well as negative. Try to reply to all of their comments and queries, it will help you to create trust and reliance on your app.

App analytics

If you want to engage with your users, first you have got to know them. When it comes to user engagement, app analytics is your secret weapon. You will gain a wealth of knowledge about your user base which in return can be used to tailor user engagement. Imagine you would be able to see how many people download your app, how much money you are making off of each segment, and what users think of your app among others.

Siri kit

Siri kit gives your app the ability to converse with your users. To engage with the users, leverage the Siri interface in a very natural way via conversation. For now, Siri will only be able to engage with apps that fall into one of the following groups such as messaging, payments, workouts, ride booking, and photo search.


While these strategies are likely to boost engagement, it is certainly important to stay focused on your users and their needs. This will be handy when choosing a method that works best for your target audience. Encourage your users to come back to making your tactics more personal and up-to-date.

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