Now, the feature will finally reach out to all users of the message exchange platform. You will now be able to delete messages for everyone after up to 7 minutes sent. This will allow you to delete specific messages that you have accidentally sent in a group or an individual conversation. Did you send that message unintentionally to that person, to the wrong group or to errors? It will be possible to get around this situation.

The great differential of Whatsapp, according to its creators, was the innovation of the system of use of the telephone contacts in the software. When a user downloads the app to your phone, you do not need to create an account or “add friends” before you can use the platform. Whatsapp “scans” the cell phone numbers saved on the device and automatically identifies which one is registered in Whatsapp by adding it to the contact list of the new user.

WhatsApp delete message new feature

Whatsapp is seen as a replacement for SMS, as it is more practical and economical as there is no additional cost to send the messages, in addition to the data plan used to connect to the internet, for example. In 2014, Whatsapp was sold to Facebook – the world’s largest social network – for approximately $ 16 billion. The founders were still introduced to the Facebook board. In January 2015, Whatsapp announced the possibility of using the software on the web through the Google Chrome browser.

Among other WhatsAp features is the creation of contact groups, sending photos, videos, voice messages, emoticons and changing status messages, just as MSN Messenger was possible .

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However, the messages you delete for everyone will be replaced by “This message has been deleted” on your contact’s screen – both of them should be using the updated version of the application to support this functionality.

Likewise, if you see “This message has been deleted” in a conversation, it means that the sender has deleted your message for everyone.

Remembering that it is possible for your contact to see your message before you delete it and there are also chances of an error occurring in the process. You will not receive a warning if the erase process for all has not been successfully completed. So the tip is always to check if everything is okay before pushing the “Submit” button.

This one of the big whatsapp updates after WhatsApp text Status.

The functionality is gradually being released to users. The release begins this week and will soon be running for all users.