Artificial Intelligence has raised a lot of fears among people including an extensive loss of jobs, robots taking over a number of operations and too much dependency on computer systems. But the reality is far from being so sinister. Undoubtedly though AI has automated a lot of redundant business procedures, it has also allowed humans to tap into more cognitive and creative skills that had not been sought before. AI, on the other hand, can enable us to become more productive, efficient, dynamic and progressive as individuals as well as businesses. If anything, AI can help humans augment their abilities. Some of the ways that it is enabling businesses to improve their workflows include;

Enhanced Customer Services

Satisfied customers are the need of every business. Customer complaints and queries can be widespread and reach enormous proportions. While a few cases may need human interactions, most of the time queries and complaints tend to be similar. AI has played an important role in automating CRM procedures. Chatbots enable businesses to respond to customers in real-time, without any delays. Simple queries, how-to questions and troubleshooting problems can now be addressed effectively through automated responses. Chatbots use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to respond to queries or to direct customers to a human representative. Chatbots have enabled businesses to reduce their costs on customer services, all the while making it more efficient.


Operating a business involves numerous amounts of meetings. Arranging meetings can be a challenge as you have to look for a time that suits everyone’s schedule. In this regard, AI has proved to be a significant asset. Time and project management tools are now available that can help you schedule meetings effectively along with managing interactions among different teams. This enables managers to focus on other more important tasks, like drafting the content for the meeting itself or setting up its agenda.

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Improving Cyber security

Fraud detection and prevention is perhaps one of the best application AI has been able to produce so far. With automated, AI-enabled systems businesses can now detect fraud within seconds. Digitised KYC procedures allow for real-time identity verification of customers through document verification and biometric authentication techniques. Another way to detect fraud through automated systems is through predictive analysis. Systems can now monitor customer transactions to look for fraudulent activity and report it immediately to management.

Efficient E-mailing

Sending e-mails is an essential part of every business. However, drafting them can be tedious and time-consuming. Particularly for sales and marketing, writing e-mails for follow-ups or customer queries can be a redundant task. Thanks to AI, drafting e-mails has become extremely simple. Features like predictive personalisation, allow for better drafting of e-mails and can enable the system to optimise subject lines. E-mails can, therefore, be designed in a way so as to increase open and click-through rates. This way employees can spend their energies on more important tasks than coming up with ways to write the same content in a different manner.