How Can You Reduce The Gender Pay Gap In Your Workplace?

The gender pay gap is a Forever issue. This issue still exists in many countries and businesses. According to the research, an average woman earns 7.4% lesser than an average month.

This is a forever gap that we have to face. Although there is no difference in the productivity and capability of both genders, the gender pay gap still exists. In today’s time, it is essential to overcome the pay gap.

Several women are working in higher positions than men. But still, they are being given unequal opportunities to their counterparts. Many female businesswomen have taken up issues to remove this gender pay gap.

But, it is tedious to remove this concept. The gender pay gap concept is deeply engrossed in our society. Many men are against it while many more favour it. Female employees cannot be underpaid because of their gender.

Gender has no relevance in the context of business productivity. Studies show that the average woman earns around £2,50,000 a year. Men earn much more than this.

Set an example by bringing in equality

Many businesses participate in this equality drive and try to reduce the gap. While many businesses still follow the concept of paying different to both genders. There has to be equality at the business premises.

This helps in improving the positive environment and surroundings of the workplace. Businesses should start considering their employees equal.

Irrespective of the management position, there should be equal opportunities for both. Many social activists are now working towards addressing the gender pay gap. As a woman, you can also stand for your rights.

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As a man, you can stand for the equality concept and try to bring in change in your workplace. For example, many businesses support men while borrowing money for them. But for women, very few businesses support them.

You can support women while taking out guaranteed car finance for the unemployed as a business. This will make them feel supported and confident.

Tips to reduce the gender pay gap

1. Implement transparency in your pay process

There may be completed audits in your business recently. Try to keep the concept of transparency overpaid. The salaries should be fair and crucial for both genders.

Respect the competitiveness of your employees and then go with the salary. But you can ultimately make your pay structure transparent.

This will keep your employees happy and will increase their productivity.

2. Analyze the bonus and promotion structure

Many businesses are not aware of an hour and consciously moving towards their pay gap. They pay their male employees much more than their female employees.

The sad part is that they are not aware of it. If the businesses are made aware of the following, they can make changes in their strategy. Keep the criteria for the promotions the same for both. Also, take this decision unambiguously.

If you realize that your business supports men more than women, you can take steps to rectify it. For example, distributing bonuses over salary has equal parameters for both genders. Do not favour anyone.

Before providing promotions and benefits to their employees, constantly reassess them. Once you reassess, you can quickly get to know the difference that your business is making in gender pay.

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3. Reconsider the female salaries

This can be a point of conflict, but you can correct it by following a balance. You can pay your female and male staff an equal salary.

Your employees are not gender-specific. Be straightforward in what you pay to your employees.

This is one of the best approaches to reducing the gender pay gap. Do not look up to anybody to start with. Instead, make your own start and set an example.

4. Motivate men to go for childcare leave

Many businesses and entrepreneurs do not support the idea of meant to take parental leave.

It is not necessary that women will only be responsible for the child. In your organization, encourage males to take parental leave and take care of the baby. You can also incentivize men to do so.

Once this concept is well set in the minds of people, it can be easy to reduce the gap. Implementing this in your business will take you one step forward towards overcoming the concept of the gender pay gap.

5. Offer help to the female for childcare

As a part of overcoming the gender pay gap, you can offer help. Once they return to work after pregnancy, you can offer them help and provide child care support.

This can be one of the biggest help you can do to reduce the gender pay gap. You can either contribute to the on-site child care services or look after the costs.

This can be one of the most significant bits of help and will create a tangible difference. But make sure you contribute significantly to help with child care.

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6. Encourage your female staff to remote working

Sometimes women are not able to join back the work after bearing a child. You can always encourage them to opt for the option of remote working.

Do not just check them out. Instead, give them opportunities to work productively. This is one step closer to the gender pay gap reduction. Many studies have shown that women are given the flexible option of working; they can contribute positively to the business.

This will also help them to have increased engagement. This way, women can handle the children and work simultaneously. Also, it becomes easy for them to maintain their career and a source of income.


Although this concept is long, you can still take the proper steps to make a positive difference. Do not get into tedious steps.

Instead, implement basic steps to make a difference to your female staff. Empower the women in your organization to stand firm.

Also, motivate them by reducing the gender pay gap. No gender is lesser. Both genders are equally competent and should be paid on an equal basis.