Watched those charming advertisements on television where people claim to have won lakhs? Or however irritating it may be, ads on YouTube of apps that let you play games to earn money It is hard to miss, considering how digital advertisements are present everywhere these days. Many people start using these apps with the intent of making money, but it is not as simple as it seems. Most money-earning apps require extreme patience and research. It is obvious since if you want some monetary benefits, they will not be given easily. Most of these apps are based on Referral-system or Survey-filling, so the ROI won’t be a lot in the initial stages and requires a lot of time and effort.

The pros of this type of investment are that you can access it from anywhere in the world, setting up your profile is easy and transfer of money into the bank account or other incentives. The cons of it are that it is time-consuming, requires detailed study and planning, and is also addicting. Before divulging yourself into it, it is advisable to know the risks and plan your way forward. Whichever app you choose, you will need to spend a lot of time in it and  if you’re willing to do it, here is a list of the top 10 Android apps to earn money.

Dream Team 11 – Live Cricket Score & Prediction

Who hasn’t heard of this app? With continuous digital marketing, and famous cricketers as ambassadors, Dream team 11 has made its place in the fantasy league segment. If people join using your referral code, you get guaranteed money based on their earnings. The fantasy league needs time, dedication, and efforts to master, but if you are consistent, you can earn a great deal.

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Hindi Keyboard with Hindi Stickers 

Bharat AI’s Hindi keyboard app is a tool that many businesses are using nowadays to improve their product’s reach. Using this app, animated stickers, static stickers, and a brand can be created. The app has excellent typing options and is very simple to use. Transliteration makes English to Hindi typing convenient and fast.

Creating a mascot is the best way to introduce and promote a brand. So if you want to make an avatar, it can be done easily with the Hindi typing keyboard app. Cadbury, Happident also collaborated with the Bharat AI’s Hindi Keyboard App to plan excellent and engaging campaigns. This explains the rise and growth of the Hindi keyboard app over the years.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google has its foothold in every corner of the internet. How will it not venture into the money-earning app segment too? Google has hold of the majority of advertising space on the internet. So it is quite natural that businesses use it to conduct surveys or promote their products.

The money you get is in the form of Google Play Credit that can be redeemed on the Playstore. Though many times, a survey might not give credits, it would take a lot of time and patience to get sufficient credits up in your account.


PhonePe is a fast-growing Indian digital payments app that has established itself well at the grassroots level. With offering cash-backs, discounts, and hundreds of offers, the referral system of PhonePe guarantees rewards for loyalty. The app is secured with a PIN and is safe from access by anyone else. The rewards are added to your bank account directly.

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This app shows great cash-back offers. Along with that you can earn money with simple taskas such a watching promotional videos or ads of certain products. Friends joining by your referral code can help you get guaranteed rewards. You need to link your paytm account in which the rewards will be credited to.

mCent India

mCent is a popular referral-based free earning app on Android. You earn 10 rupees for every person who joins using your code. The rewards can also be earned through completed tasks such as downloading certain apps and completing surveys. This app too is linked to Paytm for reward transfer. If you complete certain tasks, you also win free phone recharges.

Playing 11

Another fantasy league app that is glowing in India is Playing 11. The app has tournaments all over the world and not restricted to India. It is similar to Dream 11 in terms of functioning and rules. The app is trusted and secure, and is gathering a large fan base all over the world. There is a chat option to text with someone


The TaskBucks app has an interactive interface that gives you coins foor everyday that you open the app. These coins can then later be converted to cash based on a conversion criteria. You also get coins for installing apps that the app says as a task. Invitations and referrals are always there to give sureshot cash. Open treasure boxes and try your luck!

Earning App

‘Complete tasks to earn money’, says the app. And it really lives upto its motto. The user can play games or complete given tasks to earn cash. When a minimum amount of Rs 10 is attained, you can withdraw it in your Paytm account. Tasks are regularly available in the app and completing tasks take no time.

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Benefito is a highly rated instant money earning app where you can complete objectives laid down by the app and get rewarded for the same. It aslo has a referral system. Your daily visit will help you earn a certain amount of points. 100 points is Re 1 and the collected amount can be transferred as Paytm cash. It has good reviews and shows promising future too.