Instagram is a popularly known social media platform from which you can benefit as much as you want, but putting efforts with right strategy. Instagram is more than just pictures; here, you can earn profit and popularity through video advertisements too. Instagram has increased the number of followers more than four hundred millions of followers over the years, and it has made itself perfect social media platform to advertise for marketers. Instagram helps you to spread awareness about your brand, so that you can reach your audience in a faster way. You can drive your business towards success with the help of Instagram video ads, and it also increase user engagement. Instagram has lot of things to offer like you can upload pictures of your products, stories, and videos to attract customers.

Videos are more interesting way to passage the message, and better way to create user engagement. To generate more sales you can use attractive ideas to create thumbnails which will attract users towards it. There is one more advantage of Instagram video ad that you can put starting of your content as the best interest for users. With the right strategy and right focus you can generate leads and sales according to your wish list. Here are some tips to help you with the cause, and to create something better in your visual advertisement.

  1. Short and crisp: The videos to upload on Instagram should be short, crisp, and most important it should be compelling for customers, driving them into your advertisement. As an advertiser of brand you must understand the concept of marketing strategies you need to put together to attract them, and your audience could be anyone. So, you need to add elements in your ads that everyone will be able to understand. The topic of ad must be clear with the agenda to pass the message via visual; it must be clear about what you are trying to say to the audience which will make them indulge in your ad. The subject you create for advertisement is responsible for impact you create on your target audience. Your ad should be based on simple logic, not complicated just to make your ad sophisticated. The videos made for advertisement must have the time frame for shorter time, as it will consume less time of customers or target audience. The less time your advertisement campaign consume, the more you convince your target audience to indulge with your subject.
  2. Consider writing subtitles: As your audience could be anyone, you need to provide subtitle. If you are publishing any ad or posting any video on social media platform, especially on Instagram, you need to translate in one common language according to your target audience which will be helpful to understand the motive behind ad. The subtitles will also helps when will tend to watch videos on mute, as in attending any conference, or sitting in classroom, and most importantly some problem occurs in the hearing part of the device. People will be able to watch the visuals of advertisement without any interruptions, and will give one advantage to hold on the particular advertisement. The subtitles give you one more benefit to add this in one of the features for people who have hearing problem or for people who are deaf as an advantage. It will increase the number people engage into your ad campaign, and it will also increase the value of your brand, which created the better understanding.
  3. Create link between the landing page and the advertisement: The people intent to follow you or your brand would like to know if there is any link between the brand and published ad or posted advertisement. There might be people who do not know about your brand, but might be visiting your advertisement. To create proper information about brand, and to establish the strong visual presentation, link would be a helpful decision to operate. The link should be created which is also known as conversion scent between landing page and your video ad; it will create the subject of familiarity for the people who have no clue about the brand or advertisement. The link establishes the familiarity about the design of the advertisement which looks similar in the landing page. The link provides help to generate sales when people find the similarity between brand and the advertisement campaign. There must be one question you are wondering about that how you should give your ad campaign a similar look. The answer is you do not need to make your ad campaign look like the landing page, but you can give it a identical look or sometimes just logo would be enough for recognition of the brand. The logo must be related to the logo of the landing page, which will provide advantage for users to recognize the landing page via logo similarity.
  4. Create specific landing page for your products: The need to create a separate landing page for your products defines the ability to obtain the entire lists of products. The sharing of link is not allowed in the feed posts but you can share them in your bio, and you can add link in the ad campaigns, which probably has limited information about product. To share the link in the ad campaign and to provide proper information about the entire lists of products, you need to create another landing page, which will have all the information about products listed in your advertisement campaigns. This activity also includes the system of creating posts with ability to attend the shopping page directly. The video ads you created with shop able ability, it will appear as a small icon of shopping bag in the corner of the video post, which will lead customers or target audiences straight to all tagged products with it. By adding these criteria, you will be able to increase your revenue over investment from Instagram.
  5. Influencer strategy: The advantage of adding influencer in your ad campaign will be higher than any strategy. The marketing strategy involving influencer is getting popular these days. The benefit has earned more profits than any other social media platforms, also it has benefited in generating leads and revenue for business. As the word ‘influencer’ defines itself, the person will have the ability to compel customers and target audience to buy the specific product. The Instagram allow influencers to tag your business by choosing the option of branded content, which will appear on the top of your posts as ‘paid internship with’ particular brand you are doing the ad campaign.
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